“Hey Boss! Kyle is here.” Said Cole

“Finally!” Replied Vanessa

The safe house was dark with only a single bulb at the centre. It was the perfect hideout they had. The hostages would be rounded up here for days unnoticed waiting to be shipped. However today, this was not their assignment. The safehouse had been cleared out and Kyle sent to kidnap Captain Danny of the Naiger Precinct.

” What took you so long? Boss is furious, you know how impatient she gets” Asked Cole

” Enough! OK I got the captain, that’s all that matters” Replied Kyle.

” You bet on your life it is once I tell Grandpa how incompetent you are” Said Vanessa

“Look Vanessa…” Said Kyle

” That’s boss to you, do you understand?” Shouted Vanessa

” OK…boss, the captain is here. The extraction…” Said Kyle

” For Christ sake Kyle did you kill him?” Shouted Cole

” Of course not! He pulled off a struggle. I jut knocked him out.” Said Kyle

” Enough of this, were wasting time, get him up!” Shouted Vanessa

The job was simple, kidnap the captain and torture him until he gives p the location of Brent and Brian. Vanessa was good in interrogation and Grandpa had assigned her as the lead. She was a fighter and the kind of person who gets things done. She was ambitious and Grandpa was confident that she would take over once he retired.

” Would you look at that, you’re up!” Said Vanessa

“Where am I ? Mumbled Danny

” That’s not important big guy, what’s important is what you are going to give us” Said Vanessa.

” What do you want from me?” Asked Danny

” Thought you’d never ask, I want you to tell me where two innocent boys involved in a car accident three days ago are?! Ring a bell?” Asked Vanessa

” What boys? I don’t know what you are talking about” Replied Danny

“Damn it captain! You were doing great but you just had to play it hard huh! Tell me where you took them!?” Said Vanessa

“I told you I don’t know about any boys!” Shouted Danny

” I tried Kyle, but he didn’t budge. Cole, any suggestions?” Asked Vanessa

” He’ll talk,keep on pressing him” Replied Kyle

“Oh please! Give me a break, he won’t now it’s my turn…(pulling out her gun and cocking it)…so, am going to give you three seconds top give a location or I swear to God I will blow your brains out!” Shouted Vanessa.

“No Boss!” Shouted Kyle

” What is it Kyle, you had your chance. I tried to reason with him;it didn’t work! But my way will” Said Vanessa

“You’re not going to shoot me, I am your only lead” Said Danny

Vanessa shoots at his leg and Danny screams in pain

“What did you say?” Said Vanessa

“Aw!Aw!Aw!…you’re going to pay for this” Cried Danny

” And you are going to die if you don’t tell me where the boys are!” Said Vanessa

” Hey Boss, I think we have company” Said Cole

” You think!?” Shouted Vanessa

” Police! Get out with your hands behind your head!” A voice shouted

” Shit!” Exclaimed Vanessa

” Game over…boss” Grunted Danny

” It’s damn right over for you…” Said Vanessa as she put a bullet in his chest.

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