Founded in 2013, Koowi Technology, Inc. has quickly gained recognition as an innovator in personal security apps for smartphones.

Koowi is proud to present the MyGuard™ app.

This signature product greatly boosts the effectiveness of standard home or office smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. At minimal cost and with quick and easy set-up. Available on both the iTunes and Google Play websites, MyGuard™ monitors detectors and relays their alarm signals to third parties such as selected emergency responders, friends or neighbors, thereby maximizing protection for your home or business.

Our latest version of MyGuard™ can also detect the sound of gunfire and alert you to potential danger. Our security app relies on data gathered from more than 70 identified cities around the United States and the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Offered to police departments as an innovative and cost-effective alternative to the large scale monitoring technology being deployed in cities around the nation and world, this gunfire detection capability now comes at no extra cost with the MyGuard™ app.