My body is a shell filled with in comprehendible emptiness,the kind that sucks my humanity and leaves me with nothing but hate. Am twenty one years old and counting but I still miss lying on her back listening to the sound of her heart and feeling the warmth of her body,frankly am broken and no one seems to care,come on! Should I tear my clothes off? Jug my eyes out or break my legs for you to even have pity! Am desperate for attention, am desperate for love, am desperate for meaning.

I look at the world that surrounds me and all I see is selfishness. It is a pit hole of individualism that grows every single day and I have grown to accept this but I know it’s wrong no one dares to care about what you are going through. With everything that we have;science,technology and most importantly each other,we can push through the impossible in our lives if we live in unity. Koowi Technology Inc has brought up the MG911 application to create awareness of norms in our society so as to promote peace and coexistence.

I have had two parents since my birth but in my childish state my life has been made up of countless nannies who for some reason I find them annoying. Dad had a job as well as mom which I guess were far much important that their four year old kid since it paid the bills while I pile up the same. So I grew up in silence and ‘rejection’,for them I was doing great by myself and never seemed to have any issues.

So I coped,day in day out right now you might be cussing thinking that am being a ‘cry baby’ knowing that you guys have had worse and never whined about it. True, am not in denial I grew up but am no longer a coward to suppress my feelings and thoughts. I had a mom who I could swear in many occasions that she did not even know I existed,she was often cold and distance towards me. My dad on the other hand was always inquisitive about my school work and soccer but never about the inner me. I might be guilty of not trying hard enough to talk to them but at least I tried.

Am hurt and I feel ignored even up to today so am stepping out. Maybe they never wanted me? Or, I was a product of a one night stand? and if so I guess there was never a place for me. I want to disappear and for starters am afraid of death, basically the pain that comes before it. Who am I kidding? I will just run off to another state to start of,clearly am only a tool to them of their wealth and prestige.

I may not know you but I know that you have a heart capable of love and kindness. Forget that am a stranger and lend me a helping hand,for once in your life think about someone else apart from yourself. What could a bunch of people be going through right now? How can I be of help? I might be gone in a fortnight running away from my problems do not take me as idiotic but listen to me. To my dear parents,this is my heart poured out to you in writing since we do not talk anyway,I hope you have it in you to feel what I have being feeling for the past two decades. I really wish that you could have made time for me and I still do up to this moment am ready if you are.

I speak to be listened and understood,many young adults go through this point in their lives where they feel segregated or unwanted and for some it has been a lifetime. It destroys you and makes you detach yourself from your families and close relatives. These young souls go missing in hope to find comfort and love since no one seems to acknowledge them at home. They become runaways uncertain to return.

You can help us in our insecure emotional state, do not hold our running away against us but understand our little minds we do not want to be found,but for once we want to feel loved even if it means we have to return to our miserable lives. You can do this by creating awareness of missing individuals in your surrounding using the MG911 application. The application alerts authorities about missing people in a particular geographical outline and help start of a search party. It is convenient and easy to use any time and any place.Take advantage of this technological advancement since it is an epitome of goodness in a society. A lot of young adults run away from their homes and go missing due to the detachment they feel but if we create awareness about this and help find them and sort the issues affecting them,it knits us together for a great humanitarian course. Take part in this by acquiring the application today and stand out for humanity.