Running away from mistakes is a characteristic of human beings. No one ever wants to face the consequences of his or her actions. The outcome is far much better when someone takes the easy way out but what doesn’t click in their minds is that whatever comes around will eventually come around. Certainly, an eye must have an eye and a life must certainly have a life.

The simplest way Bellamy and his boys could get out of town was by road. It was much safer considering the paper work they’d have to complete before getting on a plane to oblivion. Besides, they didn’t have the money to do so. Dylan, one of the boys, owned a truck or in other terms, stole it and it was the only means they had to get as far away as possible from the warehouse before the flames attracted any attention. They had cleared out every piece of evidence that could incriminate them but the fear that comes with ending sixty one lives still lingered in their hearts.

Once the truck was up and running, they got some few supplies from a local gas station and made merry as Bellamy drove towards the sunset. With every sip of alcohol they took, they felt redeemed and the world seemed to be a better place after all. They made merry inside the truck and began to tease each other as they laughed out their drunk bodies. Bellamy was losing control of the truck but because the whole crew was drunk beyond measure, they still felt enthusiastic when he dodges another car nearly causing an accident but what they didn’t know is, you only test fate once in life and it comes right back at you.

The signs were blurry to his eyes and to be frank, the least of his worries. He was having the time of his life when he was jolted back to reality by three innocent faces screaming for their lives as they crossed the road. Bellamy was afraid and confused at the same time. He tried to pull out the brakes but it was already too late. The truck had covered a substantial distance to reverse the effects. The three innocent children were crushed like cockroaches beneath the truck and Bellamy tossed the car right into a cliff greeting death with open arms.

The circumstances of this tragedy wasn’t fair for both parties. The three innocent children were only crossing the road where they are supposed to but the driver of the truck never played attention to the sign post that clearly indicated that children were crossing. Bellamy and his boys didn’t deserve to take the easy way out of life. Considering the torture and pain they inflicted on the sixty one girls they left burning alive in the warehouse, they should have deserved a better sentence that would remind them on the value of the lives they had taken.

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