This may find you by surprise but no one is safe! We are all subjected to some form of harm in our different spheres of existence. The worst enemy of mankind is one’s friend and sometimes we tend to have imaginary friends in our lives that we don’t know about.

Cassie in Jail

Cassie is in jail for kidnapping charges. She was caught willingly trying to elope with her beloved George. Get this right! She wanted this and I didn’t quite understand the complexity of a dark mind until this move played quite nicely for her. Ever heard of a mixed gender prison? I know I haven’t! And Cassie was thrilled to be enrolled in one in which she had some deep history. As a child,she walked in the same halls every once a month to pay a visit to her daddy,a pretty sad phase in a child’s mind but she out grew the pain and took advantage of it to make her strong.
She was not done with George and she needed some fatherly advice on a perfect plan. Some of you give advice to your daughters on relationships and lifestyles but for old Peter,violence coupled up with darkness was all he had to offer.For their plan to work,they needed to be put of the confines of the brick walls and electrified fences and Cassie stalked out the guards day by day studying their movements and being a doll at their sight. Friendships was their leverage and one by one the guards fell in line to their plans. Cassie thought it was too easy. She had stalked George all her life and the guards at St Louis Maximum Prison had nothing on their plate other than a regular routine of camping out at the doughnut and coffee shop and dozing off in their locker rooms.

A prison guard taking coffee

Ignorance breeds darkness and you might say that you didn’t know or it wasn’t your fault but when tragedy strikes it’s all in vain! Stalking is a tool of destruction that can be exploited at anytime and the secrecy of its engagement makes it even more dangerous. We have the power to control it,but do we have the will to take action? The MG911 application by Koowi Technology Inc is a tool of power in case of a stalker situation. The application creates an alert in case of an emergency or a stalker on the move in order to inform local authorities of the situation. Funny though, the local authorities are also victims in the case of Cassie and this shows how vulnerable we are to this menace.
Koowi Technology Inc has given us the opportunity and power to be safe with MG911 application. Its right here and now it is a question of will,are you willing to be safe? MG911 application cuts cross issues of time and inconvinience. It provides a fast response and it is convinient to use. Remember none of us knows our stalker. Who knows? It can be your own mother! It is better to be safe than sorry.