One thing you should know about me is my love for sleep. I can place anything at bargain to have a peaceful ten hours under the covers with Terybyl. She is a stuffed little frog my mom bought me when I was four and I love it with a mother’s kind of love. This ain’t weird at all, please do not tell me you do not have a stuffed doll in your room that your friends do not know about. Am good with it and if you think it is childish or a show of weakness,then you are too serious about life. Loosen up for once, do not be ashamed of what you love for life is too short to do critical rationalism. Mrs Anne was not that lucky after all. So I was tired and it was quiet but they just had to start and ruin everything every single night. For God sake! It is your mother’s birthday can you give it a break?

Chloe was my best friend well technically that is an under statement considering I gave up on her a long time ago. Who knew playing friends is exhausting? She was nice and fun to hang out with but she had a darkness inside of her that Chelsea,her sister brought out every time. Am not the type to argue or blow out of proportion when an issue comes up so basically she has never looked down on me with her blue eyes full of rage. However, they kind of look amazing when she smiles but gruesomely scary when she is mad. This is the point where weird goes to a whole new level; she has never been mad or argued with anyone but her sister. Am no psychologist but this is some deep stuff.

This night I had had enough, I was fed up with stroking their egoistic sister drama. For the entire summer I have put up with the noise and the heartbreaks of Chloe every single day. What sickens me most is,they argue of petty things like who is doing dishes or who’s hairstyle is prettier and even at one point they were arguing about who is going to use the bathroom first. Twin rivalry is normal but does this look normal to you? Their single mother had an inclining in the situation since she always seemed to back up Chelsea. The introvert felt lonely and secluded and with time it also hit her that I was an imaginary friend,something am guilty about,and the worst version of herself manifested in her. The argument had started a bit early this night and I walked out of my house to confront my annoying neighbours.

The porch light was on but the door was closed. I peeped through the window and saw three ladies struggling over a kitten. Mrs. Anne,come on! You are supposed to be the sane one. I could hear their voices and suddenly they dropped the poor creature on the floor. Their uncle had bought it for their mother for the birthday and the little one did not survive a single night in the home. Chloe screamed and swung a chair on her mother’s head. Mrs. Anne collapsed on the floor and Chloe ran to the kitchen while Chelsea lay on the floor crying. I banged at the door and with no luck, I ran to their backyard and found the kitchen door open.

“Chloe,put the knife down.” I said

“What are you doing here? Get out! This is non of your business.” She said

“I know what you are going through but please no one has to get hurt,please just give me the knife and we will talk things through.” I said

“Don’t start with me right now,you abandoned me,all of you,I was dumb to think I had a friend in you. She always takes her side, I can’t take this anymore.” She said

She left me in the kitchen and ran to the living room. I was freaked out, she had buried her feelings all this while and I did not notice. I walked past the kitchen to the living room and found a pool of blood soaking on the carpet. She was on top of her mother’s torso stabbing her chest while her sister continued to bleed out through her neck. Tears kept flowing through her eyes and you could feel the agony and pain.

I ran and did not look back. Thank God I had sneakers. This was crazy and I was not ready to be a victim. I had to call for help and with the MG911 application, I created an alert and pinged my location. How can someone be dead inside like this?

There were three corpses laying right in front of me as they were being loaded into a van by the paramedics. Chloe took her own life and the lives of her entire family. She was hurting all alone and I could have helped her out but I did not. This guilt will haunt me,it is a price I have to pay but am determined to make things right by creating awareness of domestic violence in the society. It happens and we all know it but sometimes we turn a blind eye. Our society will never be built on neglect and self independence. We have to work our way together to make a difference in this life. This is a common norm and happens almost every single day so let us contain it before it blows up right on our faces.

The MG911 application provides a platform for creating awareness and am ready to use it to do my part in this course so should you.