The strongest connection that you can have with someone is when you both define the rules, the ecstasy and passion that you both share consumes you to a point of vulnerability leaving you both wanting more and more. It is a moment of intimate desire that can only be comprehended by the both of you. It is beautiful and sassy but utterly abhor when you do not resonate the same urge. It is even despicable when one of you is ignorant of the powerful sensation you share.I name her Anastasia,the innocent six year old full of life and completely naive of the world that surrounds her. On 7th April at around 9:30pm,The Columbia County Sheriff’s office was called to her residence in reference to a disturbance which turned out to be an allegation of sexual misconduct. Her eleven year old sister accidentally made a video of the incident on her tablet which is a rare and huge evidence in the prosecution of such kind of cases according to Sargent Murray Smith,spokesman of the sheriff’s office in Columbia County,Florida,United States. This is in reference to the arrest report obtained by News4Jax. The mother like all heavy hearted caring women,was in denial of the fact that she was living fifty feet away from a registered sex offender unknowingly.

Fifty two year old Kirk Daniel Starling is a man with a tainted history that shames his existence. In 2002, he was convicted on two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct on a child under the age of sixteen. He was later released from prison in May 2010 according to the Florida Department of law enforcement to again be charged recently with molestation of a six year old girl. Definitely he never learnt his lesson or probably never even had a lesson to learn because when you repeat a mistake twice then you are testing fate in provocative measures. Young Anastasia became her toy at the expense of her ignorance. This is beyond disgrace,what exactly drives someone to defile such a young soul? Infatuation and lust are definitely out of question since Anastasia had not reached puberty. It is an addictive norm of sexual satisfaction that controls you. You no longer have control of yourself and you opt for anyone that comes your way. This may sound like they are victims of their own circumstance which may be true but rationally one is supposed to seek help and not give in to such wrong notions. Control is key something Kirk did not have. Little boys are also no exception to this as they get advances from older women in their surrounding who suffer from sexual in satisfaction. It is a social issue that affects us all and in no time you could fall right into it.

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