“Good morning Matt”Said Susan

“Good morning ma’am” Replied Matt

“Any lead on the air hostess?” Asked Susan

” Am afraid not, she didn’t report to work this morning and her apartment is empty” Replied Matt

“What do you mean empty?” Asked Susan

” It means that we’ve been outrun” Said Danny

“What!? How could they have known we are on to her? Said Susan perplexed

“Well, it seems we’ve got a rat in the precinct” Relied Danny

“This doesn’t make any sense captain. We’ve got nothing!” Said Susan

“Matt, I need you to get me a list of the people who so much as looked into this case” Said Danny

” Yes Sir” Replied Matt

“Now what?” Asked Susan

“We have a rat to find” Replied Danny

Valerie was a kind hardworking specialist at the Naiger Precinct. She was the kind of person everyone loved and respected. However, there is always two sides of a coin and Valerie sure did have a dark side. She was not your average computer specialist rookie who loved her work more than her own life. She was a woman with a purpose and far reaching agendas. Her beautiful smile and innocent face gave her away as a harmless rookie but indeed she was the rat.

She never liked being vulnerable. It always put her on edge where she relived painful memories of her past. So when Matt walked around the cubicles checking out case logs of everyone in the precinct, she knew she had been compromised. She hurried to the washrooms unnoticed and locked herself in one of the toilets. She needed to be alone to ease of her anxiety and get herself together for what was about to happen.

” Come her woman!” Shouted Ekiru

“Unadhani mimi ni rika yako, nitakuua wewe”(You think we are of the same age? I’ll kill you)

” Sorry please ,tafadhali(sobbing)” pleaded Valerie

Her broken memories came flooding in her mind as she sat on the toilet bowl all alone. She began to cry as her body relived the pain of the beating she experienced. She hated herself for breaking down like this. She knew that it was a weakness that could one day mess up her life. She had never opened up to anyone and the only person who knew she was in an abusive relationship was her son,Kaya.

It had been thirty years but it still felt like yesterday. Ekiru would come home to their manyatta(house) every night, drunk and beat up Valerie for no reason. She had tried to confront him once to try and find out what she had done but it only made things worse. One time, Kaya tried to protect her mother but the five year old did not stand a chance against his old man and he ended up getting a severe beating. This was when Valerie called it quits. She could not let her son suffer in the hands of his father. However, the memories were never erased from her mind.

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