I am back folks! A recap on the events that took place last week entails young Stacey committing suicide after her own brother, Fred, defiled her in their home. Following this, Fred felt guilty of what he had done to his sister and so it fit to cover up the whole mess by setting their entire house on fire with them both in it. Stacey however, didn’t die in the fire, she had already slipped away to oblivion with a bullet plunged into her scalp with a bullet that forensics found she was holding.

” I am a sexual animal and I hate myself for that. I can’t control it anymore, not that I did anyway but at least, I hadn’t reached this point. My boys hook me up with a girl every Friday and I have been lying to my mother ever since of late night school discussions and sleepovers. My appetite for sex still wasn’t satisfied and it reached a desperation point where I would masturbate all night and injure my genitals. The worst part of all is when my focus shifted to my twelve year old sister.

Stacey was growing up fast and her body was marvelous. I can’t believe I am even writing this but I promised myself to pour my heart out and no matter how despicable this is, it is my truth. I began stalking her when she was in the shower admiring her naked body as I masturbated. Sometimes I would stay by her bed all night and just watch as she moved back and forth trying to get some sleep. I followed her everywhere and even skipped classes at times to just watch her in her class.

No one ever suspected a thing as I was portrayed as the ever caring brother. My mother was particularly glad when she found photos of Stacey in my bedroom. She thought that I loved my sister with immense brotherly love to plaster her photos on the walls of my room little did she know that I was stalking her like a predator. All this time, my emotions were building to a breaking point and at times I would drug her and rape her after which I would clear all evidence before I laid her back to sleep.

I have crossed a line and there is no going back…”. That was deep and frankly I am literally shedding tears from the confession that this by is making to his own diary. He is self-conscious of his mistake and this makes it less of an accident and more of her choice. He had been stalking his sister all this while just for sexual satisfaction and that draws a line on psychopathic maniac. The mother didn’t have a clue on the same and this is how stalkers get away with their mischievous acts.

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