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9 Reasons to Make Grenada
Your Next Caribbean Dream Destination

The “Isle of Spice” offers travelers as much adventure and recreation as it does rest and relaxation.

Enjoy Caribbean waters on a catamaran, explore the underwater landscape while scuba diving, sample some oil down (a stew of chicken, crab, coconut, callaloo, breadfruit, and saffron), and visit the oldest rum distillery in the Caribbean!

If that’s not enough to entice you to visit Grenada, here are nine more reasons:

9. Grenada rarely experiences hurricanes.

Predicting any weather event with 100% accuracy can be difficult, but Grenada lies out of the reach of most hurricanes that sweep through the Caribbean. You can book a vacation here without the constant worry of facing down a Cat 5 storm. With average temps in the 70s and 80s, even rain won’t dampen your fun in Grenada, because there are plenty of indoor activities for your entertainment.

8. The Falls will make you think you’re in Paradise.

That’s especially true when you visit the pool below the falls, amid lush tropical foliage.

The Grand Etang National Park is home to waterfalls, a lake and plenty of walking trails, all of which are a pleasant change of scenery should you tire (really?) of the white sands and blue-topaz waters along the beaches. The Grand Etang National Park is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Mona monkey and more tree frogs than you could ever hope to see, all of which live among maghogany and gommier trees.

Birders will want to be on the lookout for the gree-gree (the broad-winged hawk) and the Grenada Dove. You may even see a handful of life birds!

7. There’s a stunning marina in St. George’s called Carenage.

You’ll get to view yachts of all sizes, from a variety of ports from around the world, as you walk among the docks. There’s plenty of action here at the marina, because the fishing boats are unloading their catch, and supply boats are stocking up. Catch your breath and relax a little, too, because this busy waterfront hub boasts plenty of shops and restaurant galore.

6. The House of Chocolate features organic cocoa and chocolate.

Always say “yes” to chocolate! The House of Chocolate is a shop and a museum, all in one spot. Learn about the history and cultural impact of chocolate, which is grown here on Grenada, sample the products, and purchase some to take home. Sweet!

5. Horticulturists adore Palm Tree Gardens Botanical Garden in St. David’s.

Known for growing 25 species of palm trees, the gardens also feature remarkable bromeliads and orchids that thrive in their tropical rainforest habitats. The Botanical Garden is a lush bio-diverse ecosystem that will impress gardeners of all skills and inspire visitors with its exotic beauty.

4. The underwater sculptures at St. George’s are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

There’s no better way to explore the culture of Grenada than to don a mask and tank or snorkel in the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area and swim among the exhibits. One of the island’s most popular attractions, the statues generally are made of concrete and rebar, but artists have experimented with other mediums as well, producing amazing works of art.

The result is a gorgeous underwater garden unlike anything you’ve ever experienced – anywhere!

3. The West Indies Beer Company serves a variety of brews perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

You’re not alone if you like sampling craft beers, and this company has a variety of craft ales for your pleasure. Kick back, have a snack and check out the brewing process while you’re there. Then enjoy the cool breezes and sunny warmth of perfect weather as you cool off with your brew.

Not a beer drinker? Not to worry; there are plenty of rum distilleries as well, and you won’t want to miss the rum factory for a real taste of Grenada. In fact, the River Antoine Rum Distillery, which has been producing rum 1705, still uses a water-wheel to crush locally-sourced sugar cane. This factory is one of the most outstanding producers of rum in the Caribbean.

Caribbean rum ages in sturdy barrels, and you’ll taste the nuance of flavors from the sugar cane, molasses, and various spices used to create each variety. You’ll have plenty of varieties to sample, including the 150 proof rum that never leaves the island. No wonder Grenada is called the spice of the Caribbean!

2. Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge and Sandy Island are favorite beaches of tourists and locals alike.

Experience the pristine white sands and jewel-like water of the beaches on Grenada. The gemstone-like colors will have you yearning to splash and swim in the clear water, but take time for strolls along the sand, too.

The Grand Anse Beach arcs in a sensual curve amid tropical almond and palm trees, making it the preferred beach destination of many. The beauty is undeniable, whether you’re out for the day or just want to watch the sun go down. The beaches here in Grenada are also the perfect location for sunset walks arm-in-arm with a special someone.

And finally, here’s the number reason Grenada is a preferred Caribbean dream destination for many travelers:

1. Grenada is arguably one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean.

The crime stats in Grenada are lower than anywhere else in the Caribbean. The most common crimes are burglaries, but you can prevent them by exercising normal caution and locking up your valuables, as you would anywhere else. Serious threats to personal safety have been few and far between, with only six shootings reported in 2016 (compared to 93 reported shootings on St. Kitts). Most offenses in Grenada consist of “insulting language, common assaults and threats.”

To give you even more peace of mind, remember to use the MG911app on all your travels.

It’s easy to relax while on a vacation in Grenada. This dream destination will entice you to return again and again so you can enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle at its best.