Do you know what pain is? I actually did not till recently but I want to know about you because I care. Well,maybe am joking but at least I show some concern whether hypothetical or not. I lost someone today for a moment and my spirit was detached from my flesh. I could feel pangs of agony raging in my heart. I could not breath nor blink. I stared at her blankly waiting for her to open her eyes or squeeze my arm. Do you know what happened?

Arrogant as he is,he kept taunting me. Who’s fault was it? Honestly, I do not know. It has happened and am helpless and paranoid. He is not helping! And for some reason I cannot move. I decide to run to her and lay beside her,crying. Trust me it was the only thing I could think of.

“Hey! Move you bastard!” He said

I kept whining on the hot tarmac,was he serious right now? His car had a scratch on the bonnet and some blood. My blood if you say. She was innocently crossing the road with her bicycle and I watched her. First times are always magical and full of fun. We had even given a name to this day ‘CYCHO’. It sounds hilarious when she says it,but I do not mind she is five and has a life ahead of her. A life am not sure she will have.

“Hey,look am Tony,you are?” He said

(Looking at his face) I replied;”Save your breath you have done enough!”

“No need to get moody or anything but seriously you ain’t helping.” He said

“So what should I do, you run over my child,you expect me to leave her here? Who’s not helping now!” I said

“It’s not my fault that she was on the road! She should know better that it is a highway. Look,I have created an alert with MG911 application and authorities will be here any minute. Please move I want to park.” He said

Who are you? Where do they make you? This sickens me and it is a point that we have come to as humans. Emotions are vague and practically nonexistence. Self-centeredness is dominating our society today. When we are supposed to act in unity and love, we point fingers. How exactly do you live with yourself?

Am at the ambulance with my daughter. Tony’s emergency alert paid off after all. Though am left to wonder, I was garbage. An imbiscile of a father. I was blinded by fear and I could not do anything. Am filled with guilt and am shameful. My daughter looks up to me for her safety and I let her down. Parents can you relate how that feels?

The pessimistic driver taught me a valuable lesson and when I looked up the MG911,I found solace and a weapon of safety that is convenient and easy to use at any time. It creates alerts to local authorities when there is an emergency situation to be handled. Take this from me, get it now on your phone and secure the future you hope for.