For him, it was just a pass time venture to defile young Stella. The original plan was to keep them as hostages and wait until their owner laid claim on them but then Bellamy thought, what was the fun in that when in the mean time, him and his boys could have a little fun with the girls. Besides, they were defenseless and beautiful just the right ingredients they needed for a hearty meal.

Bellamy chose the top dog which was logical since he was the leader of their treacherous gang. The rest of the boys rounded up the girls in the bunker and stripped their clothes off having their way with their bodies. Their screams were pointless since that part of town had been deserted long ago due to robbery and drug trafficking cases. Therefore, they had no choice but to give in and pray that it will all be over soon.

Stella tried to resist with her small physique throwing kicks and punches at Bellamy’s chest. He smirked at the little girl’s struggle and slapped her so hard making a scar on her beautiful face. He then overpowered the young girl and had his way with her tiny body as she shed a tear for her soul. It was the worst experience of their life and she was particularly angry at herself because she couldn’t stop it.

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