Loneliness is a disease that cripples you emotionally. It leaves you craving attention at its highest peak and what you did not intend to becomes your own doing. It is an innocent phase behind a mask of destruction.

Cassie is beautiful,smart and to some brave. In the square room filled with chairs and desks,she is able to prey into his skin with her eyes. She had all that she needed,his schedule,medical report,shoe size and even his cologne type! All these laid out in her mind. She had waited and invested for far too long and this was her time. Just ten more minutes and her adventure will begin.

“So that’s all for today,enjoy your weekend(shuffling of books and chairs)” said Mr Hedgerove

“Hey! Wait…before I forget,the launch of the MG911 application was a success,you can applaud the MG911 club(clapping and jeering) so you can install the app in your phone,see George for that.” Said Mr Hedgerove

George was glad of his achievement. It was one of a kind in the history of the school and as the chair of the MG911 club,he was pleased of this feat. Something nice had finally happened after his near brush with death. He had brain cancer and he was slowly slipping away to the grave. He was fine with it,God knows he was battling it with all his strength. He had been off and on school that semester but at least he was taking solace in the small good things that happened in his life. And this, was a major bombshell.

“Am only going to ask you this once,do you want the syringe or not!” Said Cassie

a syringe from the store at the gas station

“Cassie please,stop this! I beg you.” George pleaded

“Damn it! We will be out on the road for hours,you need your medicine,do you want it or not!” Cassie protested.

“Please take me back,where are we going? What is this!” George replied

“Arrgh! Crap! Suit yourself( getting into the SUV and starting the engine).”Cassie said

She was doing it,she finally had him where she wanted him. She had a crush on him since fourth grade and wanted him so badly. George never noticed his advances or maybe he ignored them a tale for another day I presume. He treated her as a friend and this annoyed Cassie. She was tired of playing safe,she knew all about him, more than his mother for Pete sake! She could not let him go.

Forty five minutes of pleading was not enough to break her spirit but his sickness played it out for him. George began convulsing. He had missed his injection and she knew. She could have carried the damn syringe if he was not annoying! She had dropped it at the gas station. For the first time she was afraid of what would happen to him.

“I’ll get a better plan soon dear, don’t worry once am in jail I’ll have all the time and silence I need to plan the perfect escape.” Cassie said

He was getting cold and Cassie pulled out his phone. She was sure he had the safety application Mr Hedgerove was blabbering about. She thought it was epic,trying it out as it’s first victim. She was glad to do the honours of raising the alert as she parked the SUV by the road. She could not run and leave her beloved unconscious. It had been a failure but a lesson she would never forget.

As a matter of fact, she had nothing to lose. She was from a foster home and her guardians were pathetic. They did not care if she was arrested or not and this she knew. As the police siren kept buzzing in her ear she knew the application had done its due. It actually works! Her beloved is a hero! She thought of finding her dad in jail, a family reunion sounded perfect. Maybe he could sharpen up her plan.

“This is perfect.” She said

The MG911 application is a real life saver,get it on your phone today and be secure when tragedy strikes.