My name is Dorothy and I am going to tell you the story of my life. Basically how it ended and for starters it was all my fault. But then again something dark and deep drove me into taking my own life and if you ask me whether I regret or not, I can’t tell because well you know that dead men tell no tales. However, one thing I am sure of is that my life could have been saved but I guess fate had a different path for me.

I have been in a successful marriage for the past seventeen years and frankly they have been the best years of my life or so I thought. I had three kids who were a bundle of joy to my heart but recently they were ripped off the chapter of my life after some lunatics ran them over. To top it all of, my husband and I were fighting over some infidelity issues that I couldn’t quite wrap my finger around because we were the perfect couple but he just had to look at another woman and just like that my happy marriage became a hateful arrangement.

I can’t take the pain any longer. With just a snap of a finger my perfect family was a goner and so I thought it would be much easier if I join them at least I would be rid of my unfaithful husband and be reunited with my kids in the deathly realm. I didn’t fidget, it was a simple pull on the trigger and it will all be over. I hope that my neighbours don’t hear the shot but even if they do, I will make sure that my aim is accurate. I can’t come back from this thus I might as well make it meticulous. If you are reading this, it means and you know the reason why I took my own life.I can’t justify my actions but I am at peace wherever I am.

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