Enough will all the sadness! How many people will you lose before you realize that you need to be safe? How long will you keep blaming yourself for not being there when you can actually help even without you being there physically? How is this possible? MG911 my guard application offers a platform where you can create alerts in case of emergency situations from wherever you are briefing local authorities of the situation at hand for them to come to the rescue.

Irene and Matthew were buried in their farm after a tragic murder by unknown people. Zachary their foreman decided to take matters into his own hands but was overwhelmed and he too followed suit to the grave. Rosaline and Magdalene were too ashamed to witness the laying down of their parent’s bodies and they stood at a distance sobbing and comforting each other. I don’t know what hurts the most, the thought that they never got to say goodbye to their parents or that justice hasn’t been found for their deaths?!

Bobby the mysterious leader, Jeremiah the human thief, Alba the henchman and the gang were free, possibly planning another attack out there. Local authorities could be on to them but their odds can be pretty bad especially if they wiped out any trace of their activities. They could have been caught, yes could have, it is now in the past and you can’t change that but you can change the future. The bad guys are still out there planning something tragic and there is no better way to be ready than with MG911 my guard application.

The application by Koowi Technology Inc is a real life saver. So wipe your tears and for the fight is not over and it will never be but MG911 my guard application, you are sure of victory every time.