“Welcome back boss, glad you’re doing great” Said Matt

” Thank you Matt” Replied Danny

” Who sneaked back and forgot to tell me?” Said Susan sarcastically

Danny and Susan shook hands smiling at each other. The captain was finally discharged from hospital and despite pleas from his wife Mary, he was stubborn enough to report back to work a day after he was discharged.

” So how are you?” Asked Susan

” Am fine Susan, just hanging in there(giggles) . Any luck with the case?” Asked Danny

” Well, for starters, your kidnappers are in the wind. We couldn’t tack them” Replied Susan

” I think I might have a lead on that, they kept asking me about two boys whom they thought are in our custody” Said Danny

” What boys?” Asked Susan

” Of course! The woman…the woman who demanded to see her children at the precinct!” Exclaimed Danny

” I don’t follow, what boys? What woman? ” Asked Susan perplexed

” Captain! You’re going to want to see this” Shouted Matt

The Naiger precinct had been served a week ago by a terrorist gang at the Naiger Capital Mall. Six men were who surrendered themselves were already in custody but refused to speak. The seventh man was in the wind and Deputy Captain Susan had a pretty interesting theory of his escape. She thought that the men surrendering was only a distraction so that their leader could escape. But why sacrifice themselves for the sake of their leader?

” We managed to pull CCTV footage from the mall and got a facial of the missing fugitive”Said Matt

” Who is he?” Asked Susan

” Running facial recognition now… and we have match! Boris Coy, criminal record shows he had been charged with domestic violence and armed robbery ten years ago but was released due to lack of evidence. From then on, he was a ghost” Said Matt

” Until now…we have to find him” Said Susan

” That’s Alex Kane, Patricia Kane’s husband” Mumbled Danny

Things just got twisted and Danny was confused. He was looking at a picture of a man he knew by a different name. Far worse, he had died three years ago under mysterious circumstances. One thing for sure though was that he was pretty much alive leading a terror group in town.

” Look son, the police are on to you” Said a voice

” What are you talking about? I escaped!” Replied Alex

” You don’t get it! They know you’re alive and Alex is not your name you need to disappear now!” Said a voice

” OK mom, am on the road , they’ll never catch me” Said Alex

” They…b…e…t…t…e…r n…o…t…”Said a voice

“What? Mom, what did you say? Mom!” Shouted Alex

The phone signal was poor, probably because of the tunnel that he just drove into. In his attempt to hear the last words of his mother, Alex dropped his phone and began searching for it with his hands still on the steering wheel. The tunnel was dark and while his eyes were blind to the road, he hit a moving sedan and rolled twice. Alone strapped in the car seat, death slowly crouched in. He had cheated death once but today luck was not on his side.

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