Q: What happens when the MyGuard App senses a smoke detector or CO2 detector alarm?

A: The following:

• Your phone wakes and signals you with a loud alert.

• Should you enable this feature, your phone’s camera and microphone are activated to provide responders with extra information.

• Phones in the immediate area with the MyGuard App also receive an alert with exact information about the location of the alarm so they can either assist you and your family members to safety or take the appropriate measures to evacuate apartments or nearby structures that could be affected by the emergency.

• Authorities with the MyGuard system are alerted and provided with exact location information.

Q: Can I decide who receives an alert if my phone detects an alarm?

A: Yes, you can compile a list of MyGuard members who will receive notification when the alarm is triggered.

Q: How is MyGuard better than a smart smoke detector?

A: Most smart detectors rely on Wi-Fi which may not be operational during a fire. They also don’t send critical data received by the camera or microphone to first responders. This data can include people trapped inside yelling for help. The MyGuard app is very inexpensive and often free, making it within reach to those who would benefit most.

Q; Does the MyGuard app respond to all smoke and CO2 detectors?

A: We try to keep on top of all the latest detectors released by major brands. If you discover that the MyGuard app doesn’t respond to your detector, you just have to send us the make and model number so we can update our algorithm.

Q: What happens when the MyGuard app senses gunfire?

A: The following:

• Your phone wakes and signals you with a loud alert.

• Should you enable this feature, your phone’s camera and microphone are activated to provide responders with extra information which could tell them the best way to safely approach the area or could lead to identifying the people responsible for the gunfire.

• Phones in the immediate area with the MyGuard App also receive an alert with exact information about the location of the alarm so they can either seek shelter or avoid the area.

• Authorities with the MyGuard system are alerted and provided with exact location information.

Q: How is MyGuard more effective than a fixed Gunshot detection system?

A: Fixed systems alert authorities but do not warn civilians in the immediate area. They are designed to speed response time. MyGuard can also offer critical camera or audio data obtained by MyGuard-equipped phones activated by the gunfire. This data may provide first responders with information that could help them approach a live hot zone more effectively and could tell them where potential victims are located to help protect them.

Q: Does MyGuard recognize all gunfire?

A: Presently MyGuard recognizes the most common gunfire audio signatures. We need your help to refine the algorithm further to broaden the repertoire.

Q: How does the Panic Phrase feature operate?

A: Wouldn’t you want to know if someone you love feels threatened by a dangerous situation? The MyGuard app becomes a lifeline when the victim’s phone can’t be safely accessed because it is in a pocket, a purse or a backpack or nearby, but out of reach.

A pre-selected panic phrase will send an alarm to designated MyGuard members no matter where they are with an exact location of the victim’s smart phone. MyGuard members in the immediate area will also be notified of the alarm. If the camera and microphone features have been enabled during setup, authorities will be able to hear and possibly see data from the victim’s phone.

Q: Can this help an elderly person who has fallen or is experiencing a medical emergency?

A: Absolutely. While there are other devices that can trigger an alarm, most of them require physical contact with the device. Injuries from a fall or a medical emergency may prevent elderly victims from using their hands to trigger an alarm. The MyGuard app can offer a highly affordable extra measure to contact help either at home or away from home.

Q: Can I have more than one panic phrase?

A: Yes. Preferably you will have more than one phrase prepared to fit different scenarios.

Q: Is this feature available right now?

A: No, but we are almost ready. It uses the same elements as our Fire and Gunshot Detection features, so we are very close to beta-testing this feature. As a participant in the crowd funding campaign you will be eligible to become a member of the beta-testing team for all applicable features.

Q: Will my phone be spying on me with MyGuard?

A: No. The MyGuard Algorithm recognizes specific, distinct audio signatures before activating the camera or microphone. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are unique. Random beeps will not trigger the app. Likewise, loud bangs, or fireworks won’t trigger the Gunshot detector. The panic phrase detector uses a sophisticated voice recognition api to only respond to pre-selected phrases.

Q: Can I record my own alarms?

A: Yes, and if you have young children, we recommend that you record your own voice urging your children to wake up and seek safety. Research shows that young children are most likely to wake to the sound of a parent’s voice instead of a buzzing, chirping or ringing alarm. The MyGuard App gives you the choice in setting the alarm that works best in your situation.

Q: I travel extensively. Am I still protected with the MyGuard App?

A: Indeed you are. As long as you have phone service, you have MyGuard. Go ahead and make those travel plans. We’ll be right there with you whether you travel for business or for pleasure.

Q: I’m more worried about natural disasters than anything else. How can the MyGuard help me?

A: Like-minded consumers have requested alerts for natural disasters like volcanic activity. A volcanic eruption may give you little time to get to safety, but we are adding the Volcanic Activity Notification feature to the MyGuard App because consumers have requested it.

Q: What differentiates the MyGuard App from other safety apps on the market?

A: The MyGuard App address a variety of safety concerns with a single app. Many smart phone users have installed several apps that send alerts and push out notifications such as Amber or Silver Alerts. MyGuard combines these features into a single, easy-to- use app.

Q: What do you do with my email address and the data you collect?

A: We respect your privacy. We do not broker your personal data in any way; your information will never be sold to third-party vendors for marketing purposes. We ask you to set up a unique profile similar to one that you might use when shopping online. You will be able to access your account with a secure password known only to you.

Q: What is the Shake and why is it such a big deal?

A: The Shake activates your MyGuard safety app with movement. Safety experts will tell you that when seconds count the most, it can be difficult to dial for help or even use a touch screen because of the trembling that can occur when your adrenaline surges.

Fine motor skills dissipate when the fight or flight response kicks in. Shaking your phone during an emergency will open your camera and microphone, allowing authorities or first responders to assess the best way to rescue you.

Q: What’s your business track record?

A: CEO Maximus Joseph Browne is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He has been in the construction industry for most of his life. As the owner of Koowi Emergency Repair, Browne’s work as a general contractor has given him extensive insight into safety systems that reduce risk. In response to protecting community members from fire, he started Koowi Technologies in 2013.

Koowi has partnered with government agencies and individuals to produce an app that may save lives; the result is the My Guard personal safety App. We also have fine-tuned the MyGuard App in response to consumer requests.

Q: How do you keep hackers out?

A: Hackers are present everywhere. Unfortunately, if they want data, they can find a way to get it. At MyGuard, we routinely monitor our software and run checks to make sure we have had no data breaches. Like other conscientious companies, we do our best in taking the kinds precautions that protect your privacy.

Q: Is MyGuard for android or iPhone users?

A: The MyGuard app is available for both platforms. All you need a device with a current operating system.

Q: What kind of drain on my battery will the MyGuard App be?

A: The only time the MyGuard App will use your battery is when you activate the app in an emergency situation.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@koowitechnology.com