“All reports are confidential and anonymous from anywhere in the world”

Fire Strikes

When fire strikes, the only thing between you and getting to safety is an early warning. Minutes and even seconds count when you have to get your family and yourself to safety fast.

MG911 notifies you when a fire breaks out in your home. It also alerts you to fire anywhere in your building. Most fires happen in the middle of the night. You might not hear your neighbor’s alarm, but the MG911 app will. Customize the alarm with directions spoken in your own voice.

Use MG911 to send alerts to your selected network connections who have also downloaded the app.

It’s fast. Timely. Lifesaving.

The Shake Sends Alerts

When the Shake sends alerts, you have immediate protection coming to your rescue.

Injury or attempted assaults could prevent you from calling for help. The Shake is a discreet way to summon aid. All you need is your mobile device and a flick of your wrist. The built-in sensors in your phone and Koowi Technology do the rest.

With the Shake, help is on the way!

(Feature is under development)

A Loved One Goes Missing

When a loved one goes missing, time is critical.

The longer the delay between when you noticed someone is missing and the search for them starts, the less likely you are to find them. If loved ones are abducted or lost, their lives may depend on how quickly you can get to them. MG911 increases your search capability by broadcasting to others in your network. More people searching will bring your loved one home quicker.

You can even use the MG911 app to locate missing pets.

To make task of finding missing person easy we developed an android application. This application will be used by trust members through whom they can find lost person within minimum time period. This project Finding Missing Person through MyGaurd Android Application presents the solution for many problems like, Missing Person, Gun Shots and any emergency occur. The proposed system and team helps to find out particular person in minimum time less and hard-work.

Gunshots Ring Out

When gunshots ring out, will you recognize them? The MG911 app will.

Guns kill nearly 100 people daily. Criminals own four out of ten firearms in the United States alone.

MG911 can detect the difference between the sound of fireworks and the sound of a discharging gun. An instant alert will prompt you to move immediately to safety. The time you save may even be the difference between life and death – for you and those around you.

(In beta testing mode)

Carbon Monoxide Fills the Air

When carbon monoxide fills the air, you won’t notice, but the MG911 app will.

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills hundreds of unsuspecting victims annually. They never realized they were slowly dying from lack of oxygen. The MG911 app immediately alerts users to the presence of this poisonous gas known as the Silent Killer.

Fuel-burning appliances like fireplaces, furnaces, and water heater emit carbon monoxide.

With MG911 installed on your mobile device, you don’t have to worry that carbon monoxide is replacing the air you breathe.

Other Emergencies Occur

When other emergencies occur, you have an ally at hand.

A critical condition can strike without notice. It’s nearly impossible to prepare for every possibility. MG911 will send you warnings about danger. You can request help by using a feature called the Shake.

The two-way alarm system gives users more peace of mind. The MG911 app prepares users to respond to medical emergencies, civil unrest, and even natural disasters. If you become the victim of aggression, like road rage, or an animal attack, a shake of your phone activates MG911. The app calls first responders and sends them to your location.

In the meantime, you can go about your usual business. MG911 will be on high alert, monitoring your surroundings for you.

Sex Offenders Cause Concern

When sex offenders cause concern, MG911 is present with the information you need.

You’ll receive the registered offender’s name, age, location and offense. Whether you are at a park, in your neighborhood, or traveling somewhere unfamiliar, you have the right to know who’s around you.

Once you have the facts from MG911, you can take appropriate next steps.

Use the Shake feature to notify authorities instantly if you are the victim of an offense.

(This feature is only functional in the US and US territories)

Terrorism Threatens

When terrorism threatens, MG911 stands ready to alert you to danger. The app will also send for help while you seek safety.

Never before has terrorism been so widespread. Terrorists resort to unlawful violence to amass political power. These acts of aggression can happen anywhere in the world – even in your town. MG911 won’t stop terrorists in their tracks, but the app will help you get to safety and reconnect with loved ones.

Terrorists use a variety of aggressive tactics, including weapons and bombs. They also take advantage of sophisticated technology. You can, too.

Use the technology of MG911 to get the upper hand during a terroristic attack. MG911 responds immediately. You can concentrate on getting yourself and others to safety.

Use the app to call discretely to first responders or notify family and friends of your situation.

(In beta testing mode)

Volcanic Eruption Early Alerts

When volcanic eruption early alerts sound, you’ll be among the first to know.

If you find yourself close to a volcano, you probably can outrun the lava flow. You’ll have a harder time avoiding pyroclastic surges, which are composed of rock and poisonous gases.

Even if you are nowhere near the volcano, volcanic ash can travel long distances. Ash plumes look like harmless clouds, but they carry deadly chemicals and silica dust. The silica particles can damage your lungs and even cause cancer.

The MG911 app is your personal warning system.

(Feature is under development)

Drone Surveillance Matters

When drone surveillance matters, MG911 is there with you.

It can be difficult to prove that a crime happened or identify the alleged perpetrator without proof. The MG911 app will summon a drone escort equipped with video capabilities. Criminals can’t cover up their activities when the camera records their every move.

Capturing activity on video has become standard practice. It reduces many types of crime, from burglaries to violent assaults.

(Feature is in early development stages)

Exploitation of Children Occurs

When child exploitation occurs, lives change forever. The likelihood that the children experience continued abuse is enormous.

Exploited children are more likely to experiment with alcohol and drugs, contract sexually transmitted diseases, and suffer physical violence. Often, these victims are unable to have healthy relationships.

The U.S. Department of Justice has identified five critical areas of threat to children. They include: child pornography, sexual coercion, sex trafficking of children, sex tourism, sex offender registry evasion.

If you believe a child is being exploited, activate your MG911 app. MG911 will notify local law enforcement that a child is in danger.

Help us put an end to child exploitation.

Human Trafficking Takes Place

When human trafficking takes place, people suffer. The most vulnerable adults and children become victims to ruthless traffickers.

Their dignity is stripped away, and they lose all hope.

Traffickers lie to their victims. The traders tell victims that face deportation or will be by law enforcement if they try to alert others. Some have even told victims that no crime has happened since they are not legal citizens.

People who are afraid of law enforcement, work long hours, are not allowed to speak for themselves, avoid eye contact, have no personal, and are depressed or paranoid, may be victims of human trafficking.

Getting involved could be dangerous to you and the victim.

Use your MG911 app to report the situation to local law enforcement agencies.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, iOS and Android will no longer allow our MG911 app algorithm to run in the background of their devices, even though we have spent six years perfecting the app’s algorithm for your safety.

Our algorithm was developed to listen for unique sounds, like gunshots, explosions, fire and carbon detection devices, etc. and automatically activating the MG911 app and sends out alerts.

Our IT staff is working very hard to resolve the situation or come with an alternative solution. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
If you have an emergency, please open your MG911 app and manually select the emergency buttons that relate to your emergency in question.

Thanks for your appreciation and understanding.

“All reports are confidential and anonymous from anywhere in the world”