Don’t you just feel amazing snuggled in your bed with just the right amount of warmth? It never crosses your mind that you could die when the heat under your covers traps you so bad that you can’t even breath! I have nothing against feeling comfortable but never let your guard down. Someone will use that to their advantage and you’ll be sorry.

Old Penny couldn’t be blamed for what had happened. She had worked as the head of the kitchen at St Louis Maximum Prison since she was thirty years old. The old woman had earned her respect and no one thought that she could possibly burn down her own kitchen! She had grown attached to it and felt broken seeing it crumble down in flames. But guess what,no one is ever innocent. She made a mistake unknowingly by being friends with an inmate. Cassie didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the old ladies kindness when she had left her alone in her kitchen.

Penny sobbing

Fire is a quick and tragic it is the best weapon of massive destruction. It’s our only hope if we want to escape alive. These words kept ringing in Cassie’s mind as she lit up the whole kitchen area coupled up with the cafeteria. It was her father’s idea and she loved it! She knew that one day she would have a mind like his. She looked up to him and depended on him a lot. It’s fine to want to be like your dad but what exactly are you becoming?

The guards caught the bait and ran to rescue their eating joint as a group formed by old Peter,Cassie’s dad,made their way to the gates. At that moment,the most important thing was to save lives and the gang took advantage of it to escape. Sometimes we also feel the need to save lives in a tragic situation like this but we feel helpless. However,MG911 my guard application is the best solution. The application creates alerts to local authorities of fire accidents like this to come for rescue.

Today our houses,schools and hospitals will be burnt. But with MG911 application by Koowi Technology Inc,we will rise by creating awareness to salvage our property. From the ashes we will truly rise with MG911