The mother to his mother was broken and left to slip away in thoughts of misery. She had thought that she had helped her grandson Bobby by making him realize the injustice he so called work. She blamed herself for his death knowing perfectly well that she wasn’t the one who lighted the match and set the whole institute on fire! A part of her wanted to believe that it was all for the best and that justice had been served but nothing can ever justify a death such gruesome.

Grandma had more pressing matters to think of as to why there is always a shadow lurking behind her since the day her grandson died. Her instinct had gotten wind of the situation but then again she was in mourning and she just dismissed the thought recklessly. Besides, who could possibly want to stalk an eighty old woman? The problem was, she underestimated her predator and he took advantage of this opportunity to narrow down to his plans quickly. IT was an open window that needed to be exploited as soon as possible.

The grandma was a means to the end but a very important pawn in the game. Mostly, she spent time with the target and so this makes her a very important position in the mission. He would follow her to the grocery store, stake out her house at night and even had her phone’s tapped. He needed to keep an eye on the target and the only way he found possible was to stalk the grandma who would eventually lead him to his price. So far, things were looking up for him and he could feel that he was getting closer and closer to victory as dear grandma just fell deeper and deeper into his trap.

It was a moment of weakness for dear grandma for she had lost her beloved grandchild and so, this left a window of vulnerability to exploit. This is basically what happens even today in stalker situations. People become vulnerable at certain point in life in which stalkers exploit for their own benefit. Dismissal of the notion is quite common because people rarely believe that they are being stalked but truth be told, stalking is a real menace in our society today! However, in all this, there is a solution with MG911 my guard application.

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