Guilt and depression are one of the major causes of deaths in our society today and every death has an untold story that sparks up thoughts of pity and heartbreaks among the loved ones of the deceased but what they do not experience is the feeling of blame that juggles up your mind and messes you up in proportions that you can no longer take and that is the breaking point. Maybe they can be helped or maybe not but what am certain of is the avenues of danger that they may expose themselves can be harnessed and dealt with through various means. The MG911 application developed by the Koowi Technology Inc offers a platform to raise awareness of these dangers which in the long run help these people not to make the biggest mistake of their lives

The liquor bottle on the floor was slowly being emptied in the stuffy garage of the Johnson’s by Jessy Johnson,a young lady in her mid twenties with a promising career in law and a whole lot of cash she received from her parents as her inheritance coupled up with their bungalow in Nairobi,Kenya. She was the only child and now orphaned in her own doing. Two years back she was involved in a head on collision car accident with her parents. She blamed herself and cursed her survival in the crash because to her she literally smashed her parents car in her drunkenness due to some relationship drama she had with Adrian Smith.

She gulps down the last of the liquid in the bottle and groans. This was her routine after work for the past two years,she would get wasted and sleep off on the cold concrete till morning letting off her grief the best way she knew staring at her refurbished car that was the cause of all her misery, but today was different, she had had enough. I remember when my father died some few years back,my aunt told me that with death comes peace,the pain is the cost of living,like love its how we know we are alive. For Jessy however the pain consumed her inner self and she remained a void of grief.

She stood up and entered the driver’s seat of her car,starting the engine she cried herself out. She had nothing to live for, the pain was too much to bear and all she could do was to end her misery. She closed her eyes and sucked up the exhaust fumes from the engine, she would die slowly without pain and avenge her parents death and this gave her peace. She suddenly took her phone and made a call to Adrian one last time. She felt he needed to know that she loved him so dearly,the kind of love that consumes you and blinds you that you literally remained trapped in emotion never to get out.

“Hello Adrian?(sobbing)” she said

“Hey Jessy what’s up? Are you crying? Where are you? What’s the matter?” He replied

“Look I don’t have much time left, I have to tell you something.”She said

” Tell me what? What are you driving at Jessy?You’re worrying me here” He replied

“I love you Adrian,I know I did from the moment I laid my eyes on you and when I saw you hugging Quincy I felt broken and betrayed,I know I never told you I was crushing on you,I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same way. Thus love made me do horrible things and now by this love love I sacrifice myself, please forgive me.” She said sobbing

“Wait!Wait! Jessy? Hello?” He yelled on the phone

She had already hanged up and Adrian in frustration got out of bed put on his sweatpants and sneakers and drove off to the Johnson’s. They were friends from elementary school and for God sake he saw her as her sister, he now felt guilty of her. He pulled over quite fast since the drive was not that long just a few blocks down street and he saw smoke fumes coming out of the garage. He tried to open the garage door but it would not budge, he was scared and worried so he pulled out his phone and raised an alarm for help using the MG911 application and ran to the back door and broke in. The fumes were intense and Jessy laid peacefully in the car unconsciously. Adrian dragged her out of the car to the door but he was getting weak,he had sucked up most of the fumes and he was getting dizzy and nauseated.

When the authorities arrived,Adrian was with Jessy on the front porch. He was in shock as he stared at Jessy’s body. Paramedics took her away and after two weeks in a coma she finally woke up. Trust me deep down she felt horrible to be alive but glad that Adrian almost lost his life to save her. This was apparently short lived since she had to answer for the charges of attempted suicide which got me thinking, young adults are so naive to think that they can get away with anything. Not to be rude or anything,your parents died so you blame yourself,fine, get therapy and move on! You are wasting your life in petty suicidal attempts just to feel loved,grow up!

Carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous to the human health. Some term it as ‘invincible death’ since you cannot see it coming but there are key measures to take to prevent this catastrophe in your homes. First,know the risks,keep your vents clear, keep fireplaces clean and well vented and most Importantly install enough carbon monoxide alarms. These alarms are very useful especially in our current era of technological advancement, place them on the ceiling of your house or high up on a wall since carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than air. These alarms have a lifespan of 5-7 years so it is important to replace them to enhance their effectivenessSafety always starts with the individual initiative and Koowi Technology Inc has devised the MG911 application to help you in this course,so when in any danger raise the alarm for relevant authorities to come for help. Its a real life saver,get it today on your phone and safeguard yourself and your family.