Stay Safe with a Gunshot Detection Feature

Incidents of mass violence have become more commonplace. The news media reports bombings, purposeful collisions, and gunfire on an all-too-regular basis, making it seem like the world is less safe than it used to be.

Tragic events around the world have given people pause when it comes to going to public venues, but you don’t have to put your life on hold because of terroristic threats. While it does seem that danger is more prevalent than ever, you also have more options than ever for protecting yourself.

A personal safety app like MyGuard is one of these options.

Personal safety doesn’t mean you have to be homebound. That’s not a viable option for most people anyway. You do have to be smart about your surroundings, wherever your travels take you.
Knowing how to respond in a potentially dangerous situation, like unexpected gunfire, is the best way to survive.

Pre-plan your survival
Surviving an attack, whether purposeful or random, may come down to how well you have pre-planned your response to danger.

1. Be aware
How many times have you gone someplace, only to realize that you don’t remember driving there or walking in from the parking lot? It happens because, understandably, you’ve got a lot on your mind.Part of being prepared is being cognizant of your surroundings. Notice the cars parked near you and what people are doing.
2. Know the exits
Once you’re inside a building, locate the exits. At the first moment of gunshot detection, you’re going to need to find your way out of the building to get to safety. You likely won’t be able to exit the way you came in and will have to use an alternate route for your escape.

Make it a practice to look for alternative exits in any building you’re in.

3. Use them
Knowing where the exits are and using them are two different things. Fear can immobilize you and keep you in place, but your chance of survival is far greater if you escape than if you stay and hide or play dead.
4. Notify your loved ones
Within seconds of any incident, the media broadcasts reports of what’s happening. Your friends and family will want to know if you’re safe if there has been gunshot detection or another incident.

Use a personal safety app to notify your loved ones immediately.

It’s not about being a hero

As soon as you hear gunfire or hear shots ring out, leave the area.

If you have a gunfire detection app, you’ll be among the first to know that danger is present. That app can give you precious minutes for responding to danger that you might not have otherwise had.

Gunshot detection

A personal safety app like MyGuard not only alerts you in the event of nearby gunshot, but it also notifies your loved ones as well. And soon, with a quick shake of your phone, you can activate your smart phone’s GPS sensor to call for help. You don’t even have to say anything — first responders will find you.
Safety preparation begins before you walk out the door. It begins with a personal protection app like MyGuard.