“Hello Vanessa; I trust that all went well?” Asked Grandpa

“Boss, we’re on the run; the police got to us” Replied Vanessa

” The police!? ” Exclaimed Grandpa

“The captain must have had a GPS tracker on his car” Said Vanessa

Grandpa was furious. This was the only card he had to play and it had just blown up in his face. How will he tell his daughter that his only plan to save her sons had been compromised?

“At least tell me you got something” Grandpa asked

” Am afraid we got nothing boss” Replied Vanessa

” What?! Nkt!” Exclaimed Grandpa angrily throwing his phone to the corner

” What’s wrong dad?” Asked Patricia entering her father’s room

” Nothing sweetheart, just business” Replied Grandpa

“What about Brent and Brian, any luck?” Asked Patricia

” I am working on it, just give me time” Replied Grandpa

” Give you time? My sons are missing and you want time? Are you serious right now!?” Said Patricia

” What do you want me to say! Huh?” Shouted Grandpa

“I want you to tell me that you have found my boys…(sobbing)”Cried Patricia as she walked out

” Patricia…I didn’t mean to be…Patricia?” Said Grandpa as her daughter walked away from him

She was sick and tired of waiting. Three days had seemed like a lifetime and now her patience had grown weary. She blamed her father for disrupting her plan. A plan she was not sure if it could have given back her sons or put her behind bars. The wind rushed through her dark silk hair and for a moment standing at the balcony in her room, she felt relaxed. Until a flash of light caught her eyes.

“Shit!” Exclaimed Andrew

He was compromised and he knew too well what followed. He moved past the thicket and bushes trying to get away but suddenly a cocked gun rested on his forehead.

” Where do you think you’re going?” Said a voice

” Please don’t kill me, I only took pictures ” Cried Andrew

” Well, well, well what do we have here” Said Grandpa

” I found him in the bushes taking pictures of madam Patricia ” Said a voice

” You were stalking me? How dare you!” Shouted Patricia

“Who sent you?” Asked Grandpa

an eerie silence filled the room. Guess Andrew was a hard nut to crack and Grandpa smiled at his face.

” OK then, you don’t want to talk, it’s fine, frisk him” Said Grandpa

” Who are you? He has pictures of us dad, from the day we arrived!” Said Patricia

” So the little boy has been stalking us ever since…” Said Grandpa

” Am here for revenge” Grunted Andrew

” Ah! He speaks, what is this revenge you speak of?” Said Grandpa

” You murdered my brother Dennis, remember?” Said Andrew angrily

“Murder!? Huh, who’s Dennis? I don’t think I know a Dennis around here” Said Grandpa sarcastically

” You murdered him! And you are going to pay!” Shouted Andrew as he struggles to get free from the guards

Two clean shots in his head left him lying face down blood oozing on the floor

” Dad! Did you have to do that?” Said Patricia

” What? Come on? He was a better stalker than his brother now they can share ghost notes( giggling)” Said Grandpa

” Nkt!” Exclaimed Patricia as she walked away from her obnoxious father

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