“If you are reading this, pay attention. This is my story and I would love if you would spare a little bit of your time to get in to my head as I take you to the core of my mind with the words that I write. On this plain page is where I find solace in my room. Staring at the dirty rugged sheets on my bed only makes me sick but I would return to that as soon as I express the burden of my heart.

I was raped by my own brother this afternoon and as I write this story, he is busy scooping up a bowl of ice cream from the fridge while watching his favourite TV show. The two of us were alone in the silence of our house. My mother had given him strict instructions to take care of me and he probably went a notch higher than that. I never really got to know him in the twelve years I have been with him and so I can’t quite wrap my head around why he did this to me.

My head keeps looping the events of this fateful afternoon about thirty minutes ago and I am left with a soggy face. My legs are bruised with all the struggle I had to put up with and my jaw is bleeding from the punch that left me helpless at the comfort of my bed. I lived and died in that bed for seven times as he enjoyed himself with my body. I cried until there were no more tears and I was left in a limbo of thoughts and pain. It was then on that I lost the purpose of my life…”

This is a story from a twelve year old defiled by her own brother in the comfort of their home. Her words speak of great pain and depression of what she had gone through. No one knows how many times this has been going on but what you should know is how to end it! MG911 my guard application is here to help. MG911 creates awareness to local authorities nearby about sexual assaults like this who will come of aid to the situation.

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