Jean Louisma

Jean Louisma
President Of Community Development

A native of Haiti, Mr. Louisma came to New York City years ago in the middle of a snow storm. Speaking only French, he worked in factory during the day and studied English at night. He continued to improve his skills and took a course in keypunching and later in computers.

This eventually led to Mr. Louisma obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences. While working in computer sciences, Mr. Louisma also became a successful businessman. His acumen in business allowed him to leave his regular employment and worked exclusively in business development.

Mr. Louisma is guided by a strong, personal and moral compass. He says, “If I want you to respect me, I have to respect myself.” He advises parents to be close enough to their kids to talk about anything – before they get in trouble.

In his spare time, Mr. Louisma enjoys traveling.