Joseph Maximus Browne

Joseph Maximus Browne
Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Maximus Browne has his feet planted in two cultures – the fast-paced American lifestyle of New York City where he lives now, and the Caribbean island homeland of his father, where Maximus grew up.
By the age of twelve, Maximus had already visited every parish, district and community in Grenada including the islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique under the “Meet the People Tour” programs. There he witnessed first hand how good families struggled to cope with the costs of living and needed help in making ends meet.
Since his father was employed by the Grenadian government as a movie projector technician and public address system technician, Maximus was fortunate enough to also have been employed by the “Government Broadcasting Unit” where he performed the same duties as his father. Maximus appreciated getting to work side by side with his father and learning from him.
Maximus also experienced the legal side of life when he witnessed a crime and had to appear in court. From those formative years, he developed a strong sense of taking initiative, being a team player and knowing that the rewards of hard work and determination put one ‘ahead of the game.’
He completed his education in the USA. Within three months of his enrollment in school, Maximus was promoted from 7th to 9th grade. After high school, he studied Electrical Engineering for about a year. During that time he learned something that would change his life – electrical engineering was NOT for him!
Instead, Maximus travelled to broaden his horizons even further. As he listened to the people he met, he felt compelled to help them find solutions to the problems they faced. During this time, Maximus discovered that he excelled at not only creating but also actualizing innovative ideas that helped people lead better lives.
Mr. Browne kicked off his first business venture in 1982, and later invented a product called Maximus System/2 in 1995. That same year he competed in a show called Inpex (recognized worldwide) and won Best Innovation in Safety/Security. The following year he was invited to Hungary for the 100th year anniversary for Inventors of Hungary. Two years later he invented another product called Easy to Reach and had a patent pending.
His next innovation was Koowi, which began as a small, home-based business. Koowi has grown into a far-reaching service company. Maximus coined the word Koowi, which means quick, by combining parts of two words. The name is now patented and trademarked, and although Koowi was originally associated with heating, the company has diversified into many industries.
Since childhood, Maximus has always been passionate about helping people and this desire has been his driving force to be successful in helping people live the life they want and deserve to lead.