“I don’t want to blame you for my physical death because frankly, I know that I would be the one to cross that line but before I even get there, did you know that my spirit died ten years ago? Perhaps you never noticed since all you did was make merry after your short visit and who could blame you, you were working for our family. But that doesn’t let you off the hook yet. My mother has been dead to me for the past eight years and even though I am partly to blame, you are also in this mess.

By now, my body is probably at the morgue or better still six feet under and that is all on me but I didn’t just wake up one morning and decided to commit suicide. My eight years in captivity with a monster of a father changed me to a toxic being. I became psychopathic and for that I stalked and raped my own sister severally because of the breakdown I was experiencing. Why didn’t I call for help? I honestly don’t know. I guess that is the part I am to blame.

For you, you never seemed to notice the bruises on my neck and the cuts on my thighs every time you visited. Father could cover me up pretty well and pretend everything was OK but it wasn’t. He used to beat me up every single day because I wasn’t the man that he wanted me to be. I didn’t have the strength of a lion or the sharpness of the cheetah. I was an average middle class boy who was trying to find a footing in life with an impossible father to please and so I paid the price every single day.

Stacey was only two years old and she had no clue of what was going on, not that i blame her, I actually pity her for living in such a broken home. Every time I was gruesomely beaten, Stacey’s nanny would nurse my wounds and she would receive a threat from father not to say a word of what happened. She had suggested to me at one point to run and save myself from the monstrosity of my father but I held back and turned a deaf ear. Guess I wasn’t ready to be a street child.

So there you have it the fifth reason why I killed myself…pretty epic don’t you think? Eighteen years and I’m already rotting with the worms in my casket. So you see, I wasn’t crazy but my father made me one…” Domestic violence is a silent norm in the society meant to devour families in the community. MG911 my guard application is here to help create awareness against domestic violence. MG911 my guard application create alerts in case of such a situation in a particular vicinity to local authorities who will come of aid to the situation.

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