Happy New Year folks! We are back to yet another beginning full of plans and ambitions to do better this year than we did last year and all this will of course depend on a lot of factors on our side but the most important element of all is safety.

The new year has started on a wrong footing for most individuals considering the fact that there have been a number of road accidents that has led to loss of lives while others committing suicide. The pain and sadness still creeps in life no matter how happy you are and this is a fact that you have to come to terms with because the world will never be sunshine all through the year.

There is bound to be tragedies along the way but one thing most people don’t realize is the fact that we have all that figured out by ourselves because we have the power to change the future in the present. Keeping safe should be your number one priority this year and the catch is, it is your choice to make. Today I present to you the MG911 my guard application which is a safety application that will guarantee your safety throughout the year.

MG911 my guard application creates alerts in case of emergency situations such as road accidents, kidnappings, fire accidents or sexual assaults to local authorities who will come of aid in such situations. You and you alone can choose to define your future today by downloading the MG911 my guard application on Google play store or Apple store and have safety at the palm oof your hands.

MG911 is a real life saver and a friend for keeps in this new year as you begin your journey to greatness. Define your future this year with MG911 my guard application and have it as your plus one this year.