“Hey father, it’s me your son frankly your late son because by the time you are reading this, I will be six feet under a pile of roses made by people I hardly know. You are among this lot and for the eighteen years of my life, you have been like a ghost in my life even though you were always there. You being there wasn’t an advantage to me because all you did was flog me up every time I didn’t meet up to your standards as the man you wanted me to be.

You didn’t love me as your son and this was reassured in my brain the minute you dared to sell me off like a cheap loaf of bread to a human trafficker in the neighborhood. I was an innocent seventeen-year-old boy who had been severely broken by his father’s temper and anger. My life had no meaning at that point and it still doesn’t at this point. One year later and there is still not a fringe of difference in me and so my last resort is to greet the mistress of death.

I had been cuffed at the back of a truck for four days in a row in the darkness that became my friend I made a friend that day from the crowd of teenage boys that were rounded up in the same truck that I was. His name was George and the fact that his own father had also sold him off brought us together in mutual understanding of how our lives had been reduced to nothing. I don’t know what came over you after the four days that you decided to let me out but that doesn’t change the fact that you were willing to dispose me like a piece of garbage.

There you have it, the fourth reason why I decided to kill myself. If your own father is willing to dispose you off like you are some piece of garbage to a human trafficking organization in town, then you are no longer part of this world. As for me I already made my peace with this earth and this is just a reminder of the hurt that you inflicted to my life that caused it to end. My own father became my own murderer…”.

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