Today’s modern times provide families with seemingly endless opportunities.

Thanks to advances in technology and our interconnected world, trips are booked with a few simple clicks, grandparents look forward to FaceTime sessions with grandkids that are states away and photos are shared with friends and family members in mere seconds.

Never before has it been easier to become informed about potential dangers. Learning about nearby risks as soon as possible is essential in being able to respond with the next best step of action.   Through the MyGuard Fire Sonar app, users can customize alerts based on their personal preferences. Features include notifications when fire strikes, carbon monoxide levels are high, gunshots are detected in the vicinity, sex offenders reside in your neighborhood and other hazards.  

Based on data from the National Vital Statistics System, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported: “During 1999–2010, a total of 5,149 deaths from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning occurred in the United States, an average of 430 deaths per year.”  

In their Topical Fire Report Series, The U.S. Fire Administration found: “In 2013, 3,470 deaths and 15,925 injuries in the U.S. were caused by fires.” The same year, they stated: “Adults age 50 or older had a greater relative risk of dying in fires than the general population.”  

The MyGuard Fire Sonar app works with standard smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to add another layer of protection for home and office residents. The system accurately and immediately notifies users about carbon monoxide and fire dangers by monitoring the beeps from existing home or office systems in place.  

Thanks to recent enhancements, MyGuard Apps also alert users about nearby gunfire and other dangers in real-time. Now your smartphone becomes a component in staying up-to-date on nearby issues that may be cause for concern.  

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