We all want to feel loved at one point in our lives and this feeling drives us to earnestly look for people who will make us feel important and cared for. Dating sites are common platforms where you can find an easy match for yourself but things can get a little out of hand considering the kind of people you engage with at a personal level.

Nancy Galloway met Kim Allison in May 2016 in a dating site. They quickly got into a relationship that lasted for five months after which Kim started stalking Nancy. This was definitely a fling in which the outcome was expected of the two,well it worked out just fine for Nancy but poor Kim did not see it coming. I bet he gave his all to the relationship expecting a long-term commitment which was never to be accomplished. This led to the Royal Navy Helicopter pilot to be jailed twice for stalking Ms Galloway repeatedly.

He could send her sexually aggressive emails,created an account in her name on a sadomasochistic dating site and recently set up a page on a porn site and posted a doctored image of Ms Galloway’s face with a penis superimposed onto it according to the prosecutor of the case Mr Peter Coombe which landed him to jail for the third time as BBC news reported in Yeovil at Somerset,United Kingdom. Kim could not just give up. He was a resentful stalker who’s pain consumed him to the point that he is ready to alter reality in every possible way

Every year 1.5 million people are affected by stalkers worldwide,the bigger percentage being women however men also experience but at a lower degree compared to that of women. This influence stems up from different circumstances that moulds these individuals to whom they are. Scientific knowledge has stated that stalkers are basically loners who have a high degree of intelligence of manipulation and are immune to anxiety and shame of what they are doing. Their high intellectual abilities enable them to find out information about a person through hacking into computers and taping into phone conversations among other practices.

Their actions define the type of stalking however personalities combined with actions define the type of stalker one really is;a reject stalker for instance becomes upset when the friendship or romantic relationship has ended. He or she becomes dependent and persistent due to jealousy and self-centered ness. A resentful one feels humiliated that the relationship has ended and seeks revenge upon the victim. The ones who seeks power and sexual gratification are referred to as predatory stalkers. We also have intimacy seekers who seek intimate and romantic relationships,incompetent suitors who usually have inadequate social skills and the Erotomania who feels the victim loves them though they may not have had any contact with the victim. All these people are quite dangerous in their own ways and you ought to be aware of them.

So, how do we deal with these psychos who by the way I respect?,to feel love or attraction towards someone that deeply shows humanity which most people do not have in the world today, however it is unfortunate that they are bringing out negative energy to the same. Mostly, you will never see them coming and if you do,it is an added advantage. The MG911 application,a product of Koowi Technology Inc provides a platform where you can raise awareness of this particular act easily through your mobile phone. It is simple and convenient at any place and time with just a single click you would have alerted local authorities of the danger that surrounds your location.

A simple slogan that goes knowledge is power is all you need to have to fight this menace and get your life and the life of your loved ones back in track. Know it,it’s all around us maybe your friend is being stalked at this very moment. Name it by creating awareness using the MG911 application and help stop it before lives get ruined.