“Damn it! I want all nits on patrol we need to find that car!” Shouted Danny

” Captain, I think we’ve found a hit, a black Chevrolet moving at high speed along Blueberry Street” Said Valerie.

“Let’s move people ! All units to Blueberry Street. I want that car and it’s passengers in custody by end of day. Let’s go!” Said Danny

Danny was stressed. Nothing like this had ever transpired in his precinct. He was disturbed by the identity of the woman who just poured her heart out. Who was she? and who just took her? He thought he could be dealing with a kidnap but his gut told him that there was more to the story and what better way to start than at the beginning.

The domestic violence files were numerous. Naiger town had had it’s own fair share of troubles. Common cases were drunk parents and sometimes psychopathic. He was on a goose chase with no names to go on with. The only clue he had was the image of the woman in his head. If she truly filed a complaint against her husband then her picture would definitely be in the case files.

“Dad!? What did you do? ” mumbled Danny

The case file he was looking for was wide open in his arms. However, what he did not expect was that his father had been assigned to the case. Michael sanders and his partner Philip Murphy were the alleged dirty cops who took the bribe offered by Patrica Kane’s husband. Danny could not believe it. He wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

” Captain,we lost the trail these people are smart” Said Valerie

” Damn! Did you at least get a plate?” Asked Danny

” Yes sir we are running it through the database” Replied Valerie

“Good, keep me posted, I’m going out” Said Danny

he got into his car and fastened his seatbelt. He could not stop thinking how his own father had let Patricia Kane suffer at the hands of her husband. Was he really that greedy for money? He did not want to make any speculations just yet. He hoped that all this had a valid explanation and his father was the key. Before he could start his engine, he heard a click from a gun at the back.

“Drive captain!” Said a voice

He immediately reached out for his gun but was knocked out before he got it.

” You just had to play hero” Said a voice

He was cuffed, gagged and thrown at the back of the car. With zero surveillance at the parking lot, the car drove off unnoticed and just like that, the captain of the Naiger precinct was kidnapped.

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