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Kenya Team

Hezron Kipkemoi
Liaison Manager

Mercy Chelashaw
President of Operations

Kiprop Collins Kibet
Social Media Marketing Director

David M. C. Gitau
Head of Information Technology

Levi Kones Kitoch
Public Relations and Chief Financial Officer

Headquarter: Koowi Technology, Inc.

Applewood Adams, Ngong Road, 11th floor, Suite 1113. Nairobi (KENYA)

University Of Eldoret Primary School

Kapkatet Primary School


Kibera is the largest slum in Kenya so large that the U.N (United Nations) estimates that it houses between 400,000 to 1 million people.With such high numbers,alot of them struggle to make ends meet and majority often turn to the life of drugs and crime.MG911 is however looking to reform this wonderful community with its main initiative of reducing crime and promoting good virtues among its citizens.Download the app today to learn more!
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MG911 recently visited Kibera Slum,one of the biggest in Africa and asked the residents about their safety,here is what they had to say.

The Government Of Kenya

Vice President of Operations, Stephanie La Pierre ,taking the panel through grave statistics of crime in Kenya while drawing comparison of terrorist activities between Kenya and the United States.With the new security feature in place, more lives will be saved and future attacks averted.

Mr.Maximus Browne the C.E.O and founder of MG911 is explaining to the Kenyan Government via the Deputy Inspector General on how well we can utilize public participation to curb crime and identify perpetrators.

Mr.Maximus Browne the C.E.O and founder OF mg911 clarifying to a query by the Director of Reforms Ms.Jacinta on how they can track criminals who switch off their handsets after committing a crime to avoid being tracked.

Mr.Maximus Browne, the founder and C.E.O of MG911 emphasizing the use of public witnesses during investigations and how involving citizens will lessen efforts by police in nabbing criminals and hence saving lives.

C.E.O and Founder taking the panel through a social experiment whereby they would act as witnesses to a crime and help identify a crime scene to an officer at the control room.


Parting shot of the Deputy Inspector General of the Kenyan Police,Mr.Edward Mbugua after MG911 team visited his team at Vigilance House-Nairobi

County Governments : Uasin Gishu County

The Director of ICT and E-government of Uasin Gishu County gives his two cents on the app and its ability to transform crime reporting and emergency response among citizens of Uasin Gishu.

The Chief Fire Fighting Officer-Uasin Gishu County explains the benefits of MG911 and how it will help emergency response institutions like his in the county.

Headteacher’s cut Kapkatet

A Warm Welcome, Exception And Gratefulness Mr.Johanna Rugut the headteacher of Kapkatet Primary School in Kericho giving a vote of thanks to Koowi Technology for the donation of a modern printer and state of the art computer to the school.Previously the school had to outsource printing from a nearby village center so as to have exams but are now empowered to print exams from the comfort of their school.

Kapkatet Primary Donation

Here the President of Operations Kenya Mr.Timothy Kiptoo gives a short speech before presenting the computer and printer to the school.

University of Eldoret Primary School Donation

Mrs.Madegwa the Headmistress of the school receiving a modern computer from MG911 team.

Levi Kones Speech at Kapkatet Primary School

At Kapkatet Primary School, pupils were thrilled after receiving a printer and a desktop courtesy of MG911. Previously ,the school had to source assistance from a village center to get their exam papers printed. The Head of Communications and Public Relations, Levi Kones tells them of the company’s role as he hands them the merchandise.

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