“Oranjello put the phone down!” He shouted. She hurried to the balcony door and tried opening but it would not budge. Circling his hand around her hips,he carried her and threw her back to the bed. Oranjello screamed as she struggled to get free. She poked his eyes with her fingers and got an opportunity to smack his manhood. Ouch! That is some deep end pain that he is going to deal with. First,Oranjello is a girl,disclaimer to those who did not get the whole picture right. Not a sweet girl,a spoilt little brat. The kind that just get into your nerves and you feel like burning them alive.

Calvin,Oranjello’s dad was particularly stressed out. It had been three hours since his daughter had to honour the big man’s wish and frankly he thought Theodore was not getting what he wanted. He never told her what was truly going to happen. For eighteen years she was care free about what he did as long as money was not a problem to her. Sometimes she could even offer to transport the girls to their destinations. Calvin knew she had a cold heart but he never wanted her to go through what the other girls were subjected to.

Theodore is the head of a local human trafficking cartel in town. He deals mainly in sex trafficking since it is more profitable and fun. Who could blame him? A man got to do what a man got to do. Calvin and Theodore go way back to highschool,they were soccer mates and dated the same girl but the boys were cool with the whole thing. Oranjello’s mom died when she was two years old and unfortunately she was the bread winner of the family. Baby daddy just sat on the couch all day long, gulping down beer after beer and watching reality shows as his wife worked her ass out. Men please, even if you did not get a degree or something, hustle out there. Life in marriage will never alone be in the name of love. Support your wife because love is not going to feed your baby. This is too weird for me where is your pride brother?. To the women who work as hard as Oranjello’s mom to take care of your family,I respect and celebrate you. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Death is mean and definitely not choosy and so it took his wife and he was left penniless with a child to feed and raise. Theodore came through for him and he hooked him up to his enterprise but he messed up big time.

Calvin became soft at one point in the business and freed fifteen hostages. This was a major set back to the business since the freed women kept blabbering about the organization to local authorities. Clients were mad,their urges were killing them just because of a man who let his humanity get the better of him. So this was his punishment,he could have preferred a bullet to the head after realizing what he had put his daughter through. Facts are, human instincts would have never preferred death. Betrayal is always the better option and I admit,if I was Calvin, little Oranjello would have had it the hard way. Calvin was no better than me so her bad.

Oranjello was seated in a posh apartment downtown waiting for her father’s manager to discuss her job application. The little brat wanted to be an air hostess,she was so hot and I do not blame her for her career choice. She was oblivious of what her father had arranged with Theodore. The white lie Calvin gave though was really lame plus Oranjello was naive to think that she will have a formal meeting with someone in their apartment. She only remembers sipping a glass of juice and suddenly finding herself naked with Theodore on top of him. She felt painful surges all around her body. She was bruised and her feet were bleeding. She tried to get out of the bed but she was slapped severally. Theodore was ready to go ultra on her with torture and sexual molestation.

You are all expecting that she got saved and well Theodore paid for his actions in jail. This is the problem of mind engineering,when we are always in trouble we think help will come coincidentally. People, we are in the 21st century and basically we have the power to protect ourselves. Naivety is a total disgrace at this age and time. Oranjello reached back to her phone after being tossed back in bed as Theodore groans in pain on the floor. She clicks on the MG911 application to alert local authorities about the sexual harassment she had been subjected to. The brat was pretty smart after all,she had her safety tool right where she wanted.

Why exactly did she sell out her dad? I understand that Theodore did a number on her,but based on her past actions,she was literally OK with the whole thing. Do you know how painful it is to get molested sexually against your will? Probably you do not care what it feels like but you will when someone close to you goes through it. The pain detaches you from your spirit and you are left a void of flesh that amounts to nothing in the world. Human sex trafficking is a growing norm in the society. It literally happens in plain sight. Be on the watch and avoid victimization.The MG911 application offers a platform to create awareness when this kind of incidence occurs. It is just a single click to the problem you are facing and local authorities will get your alert. Human sex trafficking is cruel and unjust and we can use this application by Koowi Technology Inc. to take charge of this menace in our society. Oranjello did it and so could you.