Sometimes the pain, the neglect and the pressure is too much for one to handle and especially if it’s just a ten year old girl who’s life unfortunately took the wrong turn. Stella chose to run and never looked back. She was afraid at first of the world out there and what was in store for a young child like her with no place to stay and practically nothing to eat. However, all her worries turned into nightmares when she found the trafficking sisters, Magdaline and Rosaline.

They gave her a second chance in life but not exactly what she was aiming for but at that time she couldn’t be choosy. As long as she had a place to stay and food to eat, no matter what she did in exchange for this didn’t matter at that point. She was to wash the bunkers and feed the captured. She was too young at first to understand what was going on but as time went by, she knew that the people who were constantly being locked at the bunker were being trafficked for various reasons.

So then, why did she run? Her father was an alcoholic who drowned himself in booze after losing his job following an injury to his knee that made him unfit for the army force of the country. Her mother had also drifted to the dark side for she whored around with men only to make her ends meet and not her family’s and so, young Stella was neglected. To make matters worse, her parents fought every single day when her mother came home. Her father laid allegations against her that she was cheating on him and so every night ended up in shouts and screams as they beat each other up in front of their child.

The neighbours heard the shouts every day but couldn’t dare to get involved as they feared Stella’s dad who had the skills of an army man. They pitied Stella but never dared to make a move to help her. So then what is the point of pitying someone when you can’t lend a helping hand? Their fear made them cowards but that can change with MG911 my guard application. This application creates alerts in case of domestic violence tendencies around your area of residence thereby creating awareness to local authorities who will come to help.

MG911 by Koowi Technology Inc gives you a chance to step up to your insecurities and help out your loved ones. Download the application today on Google play store or apple store and help create awareness against domestic violence in your community. This will help children like Stella live the lives they deserve and grow up to be responsible and well nurtured individuals in the society.