Alex was at the back seat of Toby’s car unconscious. He had a cut in his right leg and was bleeding uncontrollably. Luckily, his mother had sensed he was in trouble and sent Toby and Stan to look for him. By chance, his phone was on and Toby tracked his GPS location and arrived at the scene of the accident before the police. The black sedan that Alex had rimmed into had an unconscious pregnant woman inside but Toby did not have time to play hero. They had to get out of there before the police caught up with them.

“Relax, you’re hurt” Said Toby

” Where am I ?” Asked Alex

” Let’s just say you’re safe. Am Toby and at the corner is Stan we work for your mother” Replied Toby

” What happened” Asked Alex

” Well, you were involved in a head on collision with a black sedan at the tunnel drive way and you screwed up your leg pretty bad” Replied Toby

” Am fine” Grunted Alex

” No, you’re not fine, the cut is deep and you need to rest” Said Toby

” Where is my phone?” Asked Alex

” Didn’t you hear what I just said? You need to rest” Said Toby

” Look, thank you for the Band-Aids I have to go” Said Alex

” Would you shut up!” Shouted Stan in the other room

” Who’s there?” Asked Alex

” Hey Stan! Keep it down in there, don’t worry they are just kids” Said Toby

” Your kids?” Asked Alex

” What!? Of course not, listen I know that you have to run but please just stay in for the night. You’re wound is pretty messed up and your mom gave us orders to take care of you. Besides, we need someone to take care of the kids tonight, we have an errand to run” Said Toby

” I am not a babysitter” Replied Alex

” Of course you’re not just please stay just for the night” Pleaded Toby

Alex knew it was bad idea. The police were looking for him and he had to be constantly moving. However, Toby had a point and he knew it, besides he was tired and in pain. Perhaps one night would not hurt. As the two informants left, Alex was glad to finally have some peace and quiet. He needed to think of his next move.

” I am scared Brent, don’t go” Said Brian

” Fine! Am going without you!” Shouted Brent

Alex heard bickering in the other room. He wondered what the kids were up to and struggled to get up to find out and in that moment, his eyes locked with his eldest son carrying a grenade in his left hand. Brent immediately went into shock. Staring at his dead father sent chills down his spine and he dropped the grenade on the floor. The pin was out and Alex and his son were about to be goners. Alex jolted carrying his son and rushed to the door.

” Brent? Where are you?” Said Brian alone in the house standing inches from the grenade.

The explosion was massive and Alex sustained glass shards on his back as he covered his son. The house was in flames. Brent survived the ordeal without a scratch. However, he was in shock and all he could do was stare at his bleeding father asher coughed up smoke.

” Where (coughs)…where is your brother…(coughs)” Asked Alex

Brent could not speak. All he did was point at the fiery flames that was swallowing the house in whole. Alex lay still on the ground screaming in pain. His heart felt like it had been ripped out of his chest. He cried while cursing himself as Brent stared at him blankly. Brian was only five years old with his whole life ahead of him now burning in flames.

” Shit! What happened?” Exclaimed Toby as he watched his hose crumble down in flames.

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