Today, I am going to tell you a story of yet again another unexpected tragic turn of events that left me in utter shock. Remember James Bundolf? The professor who accidentally flamed up half of an institution? This is his story something I didn’t expect I could find out about him but I am glad I did because now, you can help me top this from ever happening again.

That mid morning, the professor was looking dull and pale. It was presumed by his colleagues that his night didn’t end well or so they thought. Besides, what epic event ever happens in the life of a sixty year old man? However, underestimating him was the first mistake they made that cost them their lives. He had enjoyed numerous sexual engagements every morning for the past year but that day was different. This is not some intimate relationship that he shares with his wife though, Mr Bundolf never got married, his job was too important for him to be committed to someone other that his books but this phase in his life caught up with him at a later stage in life.

His female students were his biggest priority because he could lure them easily with great grades to get them to do whatever he wants. The teenage girls only wanted to impress in their transcripts , so who could blame them for engaging in such atrocities with their professor? Let this not be mistaken that it is the right thing to do. The girls aren’t victims in this case because how on earth could you compromise your dignity for selfish and illegal benefits? You might say that the professor could have known better but this isn’t entirely his fault. Not that I am defending him or anything, both parties should have known better. Four sixteen year old girls are definitely young adults who know the difference between right and wrong but what did they do? They decided to play along.

On the day of the fire accident, Crystal, Naomi, Felicia and Brigit weren’t available for some fun with the professor and so his daily morning dose had been cut short unexpectedly and so he turned to his old friend, and smoked up his desperation until he got tipsy enough to let his guard down and caused a tragic fire accident. I mean all that in just two days? Damn! I can be a detective, the pieces were just too obvious and clear and it checked out pretty well. Now, back to the main issue here, sexual abuse. How can this menace be stopped? Children are mostly affected considering that they can be easily influenced into doing anything for a price but at the end of it all their lives get ruined and wasted at the expense of someone’s own benefit.

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