The value of life had ceased to exist in her soul. Her body had been tampered with pretty bad and she felt dirty. She couldn’t be able to withstand the pain that she felt both physical and emotional. She had cried enough and there were no more tears left to prevent her for ending all this once and for all. There was no time to think, she wasn’t going to change her mind and when Bellamy was putting on his pants, the pistol laid right there on the cold concrete floor few inches away from her. It was time and she did it.

At first, Bellamy was startled as the sound of the gunshot filled the room. She stared at Stella as blood oozed out of her head. The girl had blown her brains out point blank and Bellamy was disgusted. He puked out on the corpse that lay in front of him and ran out to find some air. The boys at the bunker stepped out with their pants down wondering what was going on.They had heard the shot and feared for the worst. Bellamy stared at how ridiculous they looked and signalled them to come over as they pulled up their pants.

It was time to leave. The gang was clever enough to realize that the shot was heard about a few blocks away. Even though the area was deserted, there was always a handful of people lurking around and if they heard the shot, then Bellamy and his boys were in trouble.It was time to clean out the mess they had created and run for their safety. Stella had killed herself with remorse in her heart for what Bellamy had done to her. The shot she took was precise clearly indicating that she wanted to die but the life of a fifteen year old doesn’t have to end when help can be acquired.

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