Interrogations at the Naiger precinct went on for hours especially for criminals who would rather spend the rest of their lives behind bars than to rat out their plans. This was the same case for employees of the precinct who walked into the small dark room with a small bulb illuminating light at the centre. Danny and Susan did not want to take any chances in the case. The rat had to be found no matter how long it took.

After grilling fifteen employees nonstop, Danny and Susan decided to take a break. Their chemistry as Captain and Deputy Captain respectively, was undoubtedly blissful especially in the way they handled the interrogations. Susan was an iron lady who would push to the limits to get what she wants and as for Danny, she levelled the playing field by stating hard facts with a calm and firm tone. They were made for this job and the rat knew this all to well.

“Danny! I can’t find the girls!” Said a voice

“Hey, hey slow down Mary what are you talking about?” Asked Danny

“They are supposed to be home right now but they aren’t!” Said Mary

“Have you called them?”Asked Danny

“Yes, but Kaylee’s phone goes straight to voicemail and Jenny isn’t picking up!”Said Mary

Danny was alarmed and knew that Mary was panicking from the sound of her voice. Had someone abducted his daughters? What for? He immediately left the precinct and rushed home to his wife. God knows she needed him more than ever and most importantly he needed to make sure that his daughters were safe.

“Well, well, well you sure are a pretty one(giggling)” Said Zaki as he stroked Kaylee’s chin

” They are Zaki, boss wants you to know that she kept them special for you” Said Toby

“(laughing) Me and mouse go way back and she knows what I like” Said Zaki

” So how much for both of them?” Asked Zaki

” Five hundred” Replied Toby

” What?! How do you expect me to get five hundred thousand dollars in such a short notice?” Said Zaki

“They are worth it Zaki, you’ll find a way” Said Toby

“They sure are beautiful. Give me half an hour, I will need to make a few calls for this” Said Zaki

” OK, wire the money to this account, I’ll be waiting” Said Toby

” One more thing, does the little one have a name?”Asked Zaki

” That’s Jenny and the other Kaylee, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with them” Replied Toby

” I sure will(giggling)” Said Zaki

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