It had been a month since Brian passed away and Alex was not holding up well. He was never the kind to breakdown when tragedy struck. His life was basically an epitome of disaster and over the years he adapted to cope up will all manner of troubles but this one really struck a nerve. All day, he would sit on a couch in the getaway cabin that Toby and Stan had moved them staring blankly at the ceiling. They needed to disappear and the cabin in the forest was the best hideout they could possibly find.

Alex was top on the wanted list at the Naiger Police Precinct. He had been identified as the orchestrator of a terror attack at the Naiger City Mall and so he needed to lay low until his mother figured out a plan. Toby and Stan were his mother’s minions and so by orders from her, they moved him and his son, Brent to the cabin in the forest after the fire accident that claimed the life of his son. Alex blamed himself for his son’s death. An innocent five year old boy did not deserve to be collateral in a mess he knew nothing about.

What puzzled his mind was how did Toby and San have his children? Last time he checked, Brian and Brent were with their mother, Patricia. So were they kidnapped? Did his mother know about it? Where was Patricia? In the web of all these unanswered questions, he cursed himself for leaving his wife. He did not do right by her nor by his two sons. Maybe it was time to end things once and for all. Besides it was the only way he could find peace.

” (coughing) Dad! ” Shouted Brent

” Dad!(coughing) Dad!Wake up!” Shouted Brent

“(laughing) Those two girls really earned us a fortune” Said Stan

” Damn right they did, a hundred thousand dollars! We’re rich! (laughing)” Said Toby

” Boss is going to be very happy” Said Stan

” Is the cabin on fire?” Said Toby as they stared at the cabin engulfed with smoke.

The two ran hurriedly towards the cabin and found the door locked from the inside. Brent was screaming for help in the inside. He could not get the door open.

” Shit! We have to get them out!” Shouted Toby

He smashed the door open with a log of wood and pulled Brent out. The boy was choking up the smoke but thank God he was still alive.

” Where is your dad!” Shouted Toby

” He’s still(coughing) he’s still in there” Said Brent

Toby went it covering his nose with his shirt and found Alex unconscious on the couch. It was strange how nothing had burnt out. The smoke in the room came from the fire place with no ventilation whatsoever. The doors were locked and the windows barricaded.

” Call for help now!” Shouted Toby

” We can’t call for an ambulance, the police would come crawling here” Said Stan

” We are going to take our chances!” Shouted Toby

” What’s wrong with you?” Said Stan

” I’ll tell you what’s wrong, Alex here tried to kill himself. This wasn’t an accident. The chimney is probably blocked which explains why smoke filled the room” Said Brent

” What?” Exclaimed Stan

” He barricaded the doors and windows. The man tried to poison himself” Said Toby

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