The worst day of loving someone is the day that you lose them. The pain that consumes you is the cost of living and like love it’s how we know we are alive. It is the time that you realize how great an opportunity wasted not telling them how you feel. Your emotions pierce through you leaving you hopeless and in fear of never seeing your beloved. Guilt subdues your conscious knowing that you could have done better but all is in vain. My people, love cannot be conditioned! It is never compromised at any level. Some take as a choice that can be easily deemed wrong but it’s actually a sacred atonement of deep connection that grows every time.

When you get pregnant at a tender age,you feel as if your world has suddenly become dark,especially when it was unexpected. People tend to look at you differently and intimidate you by their stares and how they perceive you. This, builds a character in you typically of a control freak since you never want to be in the spotlight of criticism ever again. You become so focused about yourself and become detached with every level of emotion. Most of them even blame the child they are bearing for their insecurities and view them as an accessory of burden rather than a soul to be nourished and loved.

Young Jonathan was an accessory to Susan,an iron lady who commands respect and never fails. She hates being subjective and treats everyone as her subjects. The young boy thus developed a negative charisma that was beyond ordinary towards his own mother. They never talked not literally but the necessity of conversation that should exist between mother and son. His life was just a routine to his mother,go to school,get a job,be a husband,have children and die. A simple cycle of life ignoring the key feelings and emotions that make all of these happen.

Jonathan sucked up all the neglect and traumatizing experiences he was being subjected to but like all of us humans,he had a breaking point. The mind of a teenager is dire but somehow stupid, do not chastise me,but it’s true. He packed up his bags and left not knowing where he was heading to with no cash. How do you expect to survive? See, teenage karma that never yields anything. Next time if you really want to pull off something like this, get logistics and plan well. Just some few tips never mind, please naivety is a disgrace in this time and age.

We would expect Susan to be emotionless and pretty much fine with the incident,well, she literally took him as trash so what’s the big deal? However, she broke down really hard with tears and moans fearing the safety of his son. First impressions will depict her as role playing or something considering her reputation but truth be told she had risen the white flag. Her sub conscious was killing her with every thought of cruelty and negligence just flushing in all at once. She remained helpless and did not know what to do.

The first step is to create awareness. The MG911 application is there to provide this avenue in a convenient and easy way. It alerts local authorities of missing people around your location in an attempt to help you find them. It is technological advancement to a whole new level that will give you power over situations like this.So get your life together. Love as hard as you can and cherish every moment you have with someone as if it is your last. It creates a bond that sparks up the humanity we should all have. It is there to make your insecurities go away and leaves you at peace that lives and grows in everything we hold dear. A lot of teenagers are runaways because of negligence from their parents and to help stop this we have to take proper initiatives and if the well is already dry, the MG911 application is there to create awareness of these runaways. Get it on your phone today.