She was lost and no one could find her. She had taken a bold move that had landed her into grave danger but it was too late to regret her actions. Frankly, it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t know that side of town pretty well and now she is a hostage among the sixty girls she was supposed to make a trade with. Their trafficking had been a misfortune and Stella knew that Magdaline would be pissed at her incompetency but little did she know that her boss had been cooked up in flames for the misfortune she had caused.

Bellamy had taken advantage of a messed up situation which frankly worked out pretty well for him and his boys. As they were basking by the street, they encountered a young girl driving a truck recklessly with precious cargo inside and decided to have a little fun with them. It was clear that she was lost and afraid of what could happen to her and so her fear gave her away. This was a splendid opportunity for Bellamy and his boys to get some cash. Jobs were hard to find and considering the reputation of their community, it was practically impossible for them to make a positive change in their lives.

The sixty one hostages were their ticket out of their neighbourhood. Bellamy knew that Stella was definitely not working alone. How could a young girl keep sixty full grown women as hostages in the back of a truck all tied up and gagged. He was convinced that she was just a messenger whom he now claimed and if her boss wanted her merchandise in one peace then they would make a considerable trade of money for their lives. This plan was epic in his mind and he was sure that it would pull through. This was his first kidnapping ordeal thus who could blame him if he got a little ahead of himself considering the circumstances.

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