“Hey boss! We got company” Said a voice

A red range rover drove past the entrance of the ranch. Two men in tuxedo’s stepped out with guns on their waists and went on to the back of the car and dragged out a woman tied up in duct tape. Grandpa was not expecting this. His shipment was not due until next week and besides, no one ever did a drop off personally.

” What is the meaning of this?” Asked Grandpa

The men did not have time to chit chat. Their orders were simple, drop the girl and walk out and they did exactly that. Grandpa stood there perplexed not knowing what to do until suddenly his phone rang

” What is the meaning of this?”Asked Grandpa

“Well hello Grandpa, I trust that you have received my package ?” Said a voice

” Look, I don’t have time for your naughty little games, you know how things work” Replied Grandpa

” Ouch! And to think that we were getting along well” Said a voice

” Don’t flatter yourself, you might be calling the shots but you don’t scare me” Said Grandpa

” Don’t forget who your speaking to old man, my patience with your arrogance has a limit. Anyway, I need you to keep an eye on her” Said a voice

” I am your babysitter now?” Asked Grandpa

” Don’t try to be bossy with me, remember that I call the shots. Think of it as a returned favour for what I did to help you find your grandsons.” Said a voice

An eerie silence filled both sides of the line. Grandpa knew that this day would come but he had anticipated it much later. He had gotten himself to a bargaining table with the devil herself and he knew the only way to get himself out was to oblige. In any case, she had helped him get a lead on his grandkids. A simple hostage situation could not possibly hurt.

” OK, how long?” Asked Grandpa

” Not long, don’t worry I will be there soon enough to pick her up” Said a voice

Grandpa was tired of being a pawn in a game that he knew nothing about. From the time he was recruited into the business, he knew there was a bigger play and that the human trafficking was only a front. She never knew his new boss, as far as he knows, he had never even met the woman to begin with. A simple phone call on the night that his former boss, the captain of Tarry town precinct, died was all he got to inform him of the new management.

He thought that this was an opportunity to get to know her and possibly have some sort of leverage against her for he was tired of being used as a hit man. He needed to be on top of the game and that meant being equals with his boss. What better way to do it than to take advantage of an open link right in front of him. Something was definitely not adding up. Why would she drop off this woman at his doorstep?

” Who are you?” Asked Grandpa

Bridget did not speak. She was scared of what would happen to her. She was tied up in a chair at what seemed like a basement with a small window at the corner. She stared blankly at Grandpa imagining the worst.

” Look lady, I am trying to help you here. But I can’t do that if you don’t talk to me?” Said Grandpa

” Bridget Shaw” Mumbled Bridget

” Aha!There you go, Bridget, looks like you are an air hostess” Said Grandpa

” I am” Replied Bridget

” So how did those men get to you? Do you know them from somewhere? Have you ever seen them?” Asked Grandpa

” No, of course not! This morning, I was getting ready for work when I heard a knock from the door of my apartment. Next thing I know, two guys jump me and drugged me.” Replied Bridget

” So you’re saying that a bunch of men just jumped you in you’re apartment for no reason and brought you here” Said Grandpa

” You tell me…” Said Bridget

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