“I am not absolving myself from the fact that I killed myself by pointing fingers at my parents. They had a part to play and so did I. Hey! Did you just see that, It is like a ghost that has come back to life, writing of the proponents that caused his death. But my spirit is already crushed and frankly my body is only expressing it’s grief in this piece of paper. i ma sorry to say this but I am not afraid to tell the truth.

I am not done just yet. There are three people left that really impacted on my decision to wipe myself out of existence and this brings me to the third reason why I killed myself. Alison used me as a puppet in a game I knew nothing about. I had fallen victim to a disgraceful act that pushed me further to my grave and I guess it was the same reason I drove my own sister to her death.

I remember staring at my genitals with ripe bruises sprouting from every corner while my thighs bleed from nail cuts. The women at the brothel had had their fun at the expense of my body and basically I have none to blame but myself for the fact that I walked into the place at my own volition with Alison by my side. She had promised that it would be fun and I didn’t want to chicken out on a girl!

So I let my guard down and I was thrashed to the couch by four women and ripped of my clothes. I can never scrap off my experience on that couch and so I better just forget the whole thing. I kept quiet about this because, In found peace in the silence and even greater reassurance in my death that I would never have to live with the guilt that I was sexually defiled. So there you have it, the third reason why I decided to be six feet under today…”

The silence gives them a sort of reassurance in their lives thereby blinding their thoughts from the fact that whatever they have gone through will not affect them as long as they remain silent. However, it is in this silence that their spirits get crushed beyond repair and their minds wallow in suicidal tendencies. Sexual defilement is a despicable act in the society but today MG911 my guard application is here to help.

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