At the hospital all she could think about was her sister. Rosaline had had it rough this past few months and she was beginning to think that it was somewhat a family curse because literally she was on a hospital bed herself. Magdaline felt alone and frankly she was. Her parents had died two months ago and now Rosaline was also six feet under. All mystery murders none of which was solved so far and she hated this feeling, knowing that somebody out there had gotten away with the injustice that her family faced.

In her thoughts all alone in her room, she was joined by a hooded figure that seemed nothing but trouble. She immediately became uneasy when the person just stood there next to her bed saying nothing. Suddenly thee person makes a moves on her face gagging her up with a white cloth. Magdaline couldn’t breathe or even call for help. She was helpless as the person overpowered her struggles but that didn’t last for long. Next thing she recalls was when she found herself strapped in a chair with all her medical equipment in place in a completely furnished living room. So to say the place was amazing with white walls and draped windows everything looked fantastic.

With the environment that surrounded her, Magdaline thought of the worst. Was one of her clients not happy with the shipment? Had Stella not fulfilled the shipment? She was uneasy and weak at the same time and couldn’t actually figure out why she was kidnapped but one thing that she was sure of was that it had something to do with her human trafficking business. You’ll never be able to realize that you are being kidnap when it actually happens. For Magdaline, she thought that someone was paying her a warm visit but that turned out pretty bad for her. However this can change for you with MG911 my guard application.

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