There is always a loophole in every circumstance and it can only be discovered if you scrutinize the facts provided not neglecting any minor happening and at the end, we expect to get answers and justification of the circumstance in place but this is not always the case. So we are left empty with questions still lingering in our minds. A church priest presiding over a funeral once said that with death comes peace, the pain is the cost of living like love it’s how we know we are alive but these are just words that will not justify the pain and suffering am going through and guess what, it was never my fault! But am dealing with it, so how’s that fair?

Recently in Kangemi, Nairobi, Kenya a bus crashed into pedestrians leaving four dead and four others critically wounded. The driver had been going down a slope when the accident took place in Waruku. Witnesses to the accident said that the vehicle piled the Westlands-Uthiru route but that the driver opted for another one to avoid a traffic snarl-up on Waiyaki Way. However the alternative had a steep stretch of about 200 meters and it is in that section that the vehicle’s breaks failed. The driver fled from the scene and his whereabouts are unknown and luckily the passengers in the vehicle only sustained minor injuries. This is according to the Daily Nation Press Nairobi, Kenya.

This is a common norm in our society taken lightly especially by the people who are not affected by the same. I get it, it’s none of your business that a bunch of strangers met there end in a despicable ordeal besides I have a lot of issues that I do not make public for others to solve. However at this particular instance road accidents are global catastrophes that cannot be handled only by responsible authorities. As citizens of our country we have to contribute to our own safety. The four pedestrians minding their own business became victims of circumstances of either careless driving, drunk driving among other things yet to be discovered a pretty sad end that could have been avoided.

So the bus driver ran way definitely to save his ass for he knew he was in the wrong maybe the local authorities would find him or maybe in order to determine the cause of the accident the loophole that could have been avoided. Accidents still remain what they are, unintentional and in as much as we can be able to prevent them to a certain degree we will never fully control it and so should we then sit and just let lives fade away?. In our current technological era Koowi Technology Inc. has devised the MG911 application meant to create awareness of calamities of this kind. All you have to do is to have the application installed in your phone and you will be able to create awareness to the nearest local authorities of accidents that have occurred within your vicinity and help save a life.Forget about yourself for once, if you see an accident as you drive back home from work or stroll to the Shopping Centre have the heart to raise awareness using the MG911 application. It is a simple and convenient way to reduce accident causalities so get yours today.