Maybe the anomaly didn’t have an impact on everyone as I expected. Guess you can’t save everyone only those who truly want to be saved. I know, I literally sound like a carefree moron who only thinks of herself but can you blame me? Yesterday I told you that I am Josephine the big hearted who will go to greater extents to save someone but today I am also Josephine the frank one. The road won’t be easy, that I am realizing just now but I nam going to try as hard as I can for as long as I can to save as many as I can.

Leslie is a law student or was precisely at a local university in her home town. I know that you are probably building up endless fantasies of how her life was perfect and meticulous at the same time and I guess you are right. She was at the top of her class and had an advantage of numerous scholars trying to poach her in the law industry but this chapter of her life was ripped off her life story too soon. Does it mean that she doesn’t get to finish the story of her life? Is the end of the human race so cruel that it denies a person the right to an ending?

Well, before I go ballistic on her death, I want you to know that she burned to death at her chair at the front row of the perfectly furnished lecture hall. It was her nine hundredth and ninety ninth lecture of her career that sent her right into an early grave. She wasn’t alone though, apart from only a hundred survivors, the rest of the souls that were there when professor James Bundolf lit up the chemistry lab while demonstrating an analytic process were burned alive. I am sorry I can’t go to specifics, I dropped out of chemistry class a long time ago and seriously speaking chemistry is a calling and to be fair I wasn’t called to be it’s witness.

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