Danny was on edge;he had six terrorists in custody and not one of them could provide a lead on his case. He had tried everything, even to the point of torturing them but it was crystal clear that these guys would rather go through hell than rat out their leader

Alex or should I say Boris Coy was in the wind. He had been involved in a car accident that claimed the life of a pregnant woman and that of her child. However, it seemed that Alex had slipped by with an injury. His blood found at the crash put him on the scene and the police were scavenging every hospital in town trying o find him.

” This man is a ghost” Said Susan

” Tell me about it” Grunted Danny

” How can an injured man get out of a car accident unnoticed? I mean, he probably had help but at least someone, anyone could have noticed them leaving but we got nothing!” Shouted Susan

” I know that OK! And I am equally frustrated as you are with he governor on my neck about the terror attack” Said Danny

“You guys have to see this” Said Matt barging into the captain’s office

” Did we get a lead?” Asked Susan

” No, but this might help. As I was mapping out the reports we got on the day of the attack,I came across this.” Said Matt

” It’s the Naiger Airline, reporting on human trafficking? What the hell?” Exclaimed Danny

” Well, according to the air hostess who called it in, a group of black men showed up with rifles at the airport at exactly the same time the attack was happening at the mall. The men escorted about three hundred girls all shackled up in groups of ten” Said Matt

” How on earth could something like this happen, what about security?” Asked Susan

“I think the airline management was in, in all this since the air hostess sounded pretty shaken up when she called” Replied Matt

” So it was all a distraction, and that’s why they gave themselves up. But why did their leader run away?” Asked Danny

” That still remains a mystery captain but at least we know what kind of people we are dealing with” Replied Matt

“Call the airline, we need to speak to that air hostess” Said Danny

” On it captain!” Replied Matt leaving the captain’s office

“We have to keep this low key captain, as far as we know that air hostess could be our only lead to finding out what happened” Said Susan

” That’s what am afraid of, the airline management could silence her if they found out she called the police” Said Danny

However, it was already too late. The captain of the Naiger precinct was betrayed by a little bug chip underneath his desk. His assailants had infiltrated his precinct with Valerie as their eyes and ears.

” Look, the police figured out it was a distraction. Unfortunately, you couldn’t keep your employees silent” Said Valerie

” What are you talking about? I took care of everything?” Said a voice

” Well, guess what, a twenty six year old girl outsmarted you. You need to find her. I don’t have a name yet but she was scheduled on the next fight after the shipment. So find her and kill her!” Shouted Valerie on the phone.

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