I feel disturbed and I know you do too. The whole scenario of death that surrounds the life of Steve is quite a story to tell and as I promised, I will honour his last wish that you would know the exact reasons why he decided to end his life. Not only because of his honour but also because, I feel that by you gaining knowledge of the same, you might not repeat the same mistake.

Fathers aren’t quite the easy type to talk or open up to issues and when Peter decided to pour out his heart on the death of his only son and daughter, I took the opportunity to learn from his perspective and what he feels about being accused of playing a part in the same. As narrated by Steve, his own father had put him up for sale in a human trafficking underground agency in their community and this was the fourth reason that broke his spirit.

“I won’t lie, I have been a wreck of a father but that doesn’t justify the fact that my son was irrational in his decision and also this isn’t a way of absolving myself. I am just trying to be a neutral party here and standing for upright moral standard in the society. However, no matter how I convince myself that it wasn’t my fault, I still find myself in blame of perpetuating the suicidal idea in his head of what I did two years ago.

I had been going through some issues of my own considering that my wife had been away for almost five years. There had been a gap in our lives as a a family and i felt the blow hard and my mistake was letting it out on my children. I needed to keep them alive and fend for them on my own and so the pressure reached a breaking point and all I wanted is for everything that used to be part of my life to just disappear from existence and that included my own children.

I was comfortable with Stacey staying, I presume it was the fact that she was still young and her innocent wasn’t worth letting go of. Not that I don’t appreciate my son but if I had to chose between them then Steve had to face it rough. I needed him to venture big and that is why I didn’t enroll him in an adoption program, selling him to higher powers seemed like a perfect idea since he would get the royalty privileges and at the same time, we could get some cash out of this. If you only knew how broke we were.”

That is a personal confession from Peter himself through a recording found in his hotel room in town. He had hanged himself three days ago because of the depression of losing his son. It was painful; especially realising that his son had accused him of the same and so frankly who could blame him for his actions? Not that I approve but at that point in life, you cease to find meaning in your life if you are the sole reason for another life to end.

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