“I have crossed the line and there is no going back. Having sex with my sister had been a growing desire inside me and I know that I sound like a psychopath right now but truth be told am just pouring my heart out to you. I can’t explain how I feel but there is an emptiness inside me, a void that I can’t quite explain. I am a wreck but what bothers me the most is the knowledge that I have of my psychopathic tendencies which doesn’t even bother me.

I thought I would feel some sense of accomplishment after I made my move on my twelve year old sister but I didn’t. I guess I was lost trying to find a purpose to my life and as a confused teenage adolescent, my hormones got the better of me and what bothers me still is that it doesn’t even bother me. It has been approximately an hour and seventeen minutes since I left her room and I can hear sobs from the living room where I sit.

Will she ever forgive me? Do I even need forgiveness? I feel sorry for her for having a wreck of a brother and so, I am going to make this easy for her by destroying all evidence of pain in her life. They say burning to death is symbolic to mean the exaltation of pain and so this would be the perfect message to my parents. I have heard a gun shot from up stairs, guess darkness runs in the family after all if a twelve year old girl can kill herself. Not that she is to blame, I drove her to it and I am going to end this once and for all”

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